Louis Schwitzer Award

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Louis Schwitzer Award
Louis Schwitzer Award NewTrophy 2015.jpg
The Louis Schwitzer Award trophy.
Awarded forAwarded for excellence in motorsports engineering.
Sponsored byBorgWarner
LocationIndianapolis Motor Speedway
CountryUnited States
Reward(s)Miniature trophy replica
First awarded1967

The Louis Schwitzer Award is presented annually to an engineer, or a team of engineers, for excellence in the design, development and implementation of new, innovative motorsports technology concepts for use in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. The focus of this award is on those concepts that improve the performance, safety, or energy efficiency of racing cars, related components and systems, or driver and race track support equipment.

Award details[edit]

The award has been presented annually since 1967 by the Indiana Section SAE International[1] in honor of early racing pioneer and past Indiana Section Chairman Louis Schwitzer, winner of the first race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Each year prior to the running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, a committee of Indiana Section SAE International members meets with technical representatives of the IndyCar Series to identify potential candidates for the award. The committee then interviews those candidates and selects a winner. Award sponsor BorgWarner provides a $10,000 cash prize to the winner, and the winner's name is added to a permanent trophy on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.

Among the many previous award winners are the developers of the revolutionary safety devices the HANS device and the SAFER barrier.

Past recipients[edit]

Year Winner(s) Concept
1967 Andy Granatelli STP-Paxton Turbocar
1968 Dan Gurney Low cost racing engine
1969 Colin Chapman Lotus Type 64
1970 Bruce McLaren McLaren M15
1971 Josef Karasek McNamara chassis
1972 Dan Gurney Eagle chassis
1973 Smokey Yunick Stock block engine
1974 A. J. Foyt Coyote chassis
1975 Parnelli Jones Parnelli VP6J chassis
1976 Roman Slobodynskyj Lightning chassis
1977 Bruce Crower & Bob Bubenik Automatic clutch and flat-eight engine
1978 Roman Slobodynskyj Laydown Lightning chassis
1979 Jim Hall & John Barnard Chaparral 2K chassis
1980 Geoff Ferris Penske PC-9 chassis
1981 John Ward Eagle chassis
1982 Geoff Ferris Penske PC-10 chassis
1983 Vernon Gleasman Gleason-Torsen differential
1984 Robin Herd March 84C chassis
1985 Ron Kociba & Joe Negri Buick V6 Turbo engine
1986 Mario Illien Ilmor-Chevrolet engine
1987 Stuart Grant Goodyear Racing radial tire
1988 John Lindo & Ray Sorce Tilton Carbon-Carbon clutch
1989 Anthony Purnell Intelligent dashboard
1990 Bill Simpson
Mike Held
Tim Halsmer
Luciano Aquirre
"Beadall" racing helmet
1991 Don Halliday Truesports 91C chassis
1992 Alan Mertens Galmer chassis
1993 Nigel Bennett Penske PC22 chassis
1994 Mario Illien Mercedes-Benz 500I engine[2]
1995 Chris Munroe & Don Nowicki Tire monitoring system
1996 Dave Schnelker
I-Fu Shih
Ning Wu
Ed Rothrock
Racing EyeCue
1997 Ed Keating & Roger Allen Oldsmobile Aurora V-8 engine
1998 John Melvin & John Pierce GM Motorsports Safety Technology Research Program
1999 Gian Paolo Dallara Dallara chassis
2000 Paul Burgess G-Force GF05 chassis
2001 Robert Hubbard & James Downing HANS device
2002 Dr. Dean Sicking
Dr. Ronald Faller
Dr. John Rohde
Dr. John Reid
Jim Holloway
SAFER barrier
2003 Gian Paolo Dallara Dallara IR3 chassis
2004 Yasuhide Sakamoto
Steve Eriksen
Steve Miller
Steve O'Connor
Honda HI4R-A engine
2005 Glen Gray
Andy Inman
Tim Kronenberg
Erskine Carter
Bruce Natvig
Delphi Earpiece sensor system
2006 Penske Racing
Thomas German
Justin Horning
Tom Janiczek
Rear wing adjuster tool
2007 Glen Gray
Andy Inman
Tim Kronenberg
Erskine Carter
Bruce Natvig
Delphi Accident data recorder 3
2008 Andrew Heathershaw
Soungjin Wou
Nick Belonogoff
Andrea Toso
Bishop Steering Technology
Variable ratio rack and pinion steering technology
2009 Jeff Horton Head and neck restraint extension (a safety add-on to the HANS Device)
2010 Charles Becnel
Patrick Luke
Christophe Marques - Mezzo Technologies
Tino Belli - Andretti Autosport
Mezzo microChannel radiator
2011 Roger Griffiths Honda refueling safety interlock system
2012 Mark Kent & Matt Wiles (GM)
Steve Miller & Steve O'Connor (Ilmor)
Chevrolet IndyCar V6 Engine[citation needed]
2013 Dale Harrigle & Brett Schilling
Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Race Tire
2014 Andrea Toso (Dallara) Dallara Advanced Driving Simulator
2015 Arron Melvin
Charles Ping
Chris Berube
Mark Kent
2015 Chevrolet Aero Kit[citation needed]
2016 Arron Melvin
Tino Belli
Alex Timmermans
Rear Beam Wing Flap[citation needed]
2017 Don Burgoon
Darin Cate
Paul Rankin
James Borner
Mark Wagner
PFC Carbon Disc Brake System [3]
2018 Tino Belli
Andrea Toso
Antonio Montanari
Chris Beatty
Dallara DW12 UAK18 Universal Aero Kit[4]
2019 Cara Adams
Brett Schilling
Phil Severyn
Firestone Firehawk 2019 Indy 500 Race Tire[citation needed]

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