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Lieutenant General Luan Hoxha (born 28 March 1960 in Shkodër, Albania) was the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Albania[1] until 16 June, 2008. He was dismissed by the Albanian President after Prime Minister Berisha's proposal.

He is married and has two children. Besides his native language, he is fluent in English and Russian.

Military career[edit]

Luan Hoxha became Chief of General Staff of Albanian Armed Forces in 2006 after serving as the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces for three years, beginning in 2003.

Rank & Name Lieutenant General Luan Hoxha

Position Chief of Albanian General Staff

Military Career


  • Armed Forces Academy, Tirana 1980-1983
  • “Spiro MOISIU” Defense Academy, Tirana 1991-1993
  • Defence College, Tirana 1995
  • Royal College of Armed Sciences, UK 2000-2001



  • Military Service III Class Medal
  • National Service Medal
  • Recognition Medal
  • Medal for Exceptional Service in the General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces
  • Career Medal

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