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TypeCombat helmet
Place of originYugoslavia, Serbia, Croatia,
Service history
In service1959 - 2000
Used byJNA, Serbian Army
WarsYugoslav Wars
Mass2.2 kg (4.9 lb)

The M59/M85 is a Yugoslavian Combat helmet. They were produced in 1958 and 1985 as the names suggest.

The helmet's shape was based on Stahlhelm (M35) previously used by the Yugoslav army.

The helmets are made of Steel and have a partly leather liner and there are many covers for this helmet. One of the covers is a net-mask, which was used by Yugoslav marines. Furthermore, the helmets often had stars or Yugoslavian decals/stickers.[1]

The M85 Is a more modern helmet and has a smaller rear/ear guard.[2] Some M85 were made of Kevlar giving the wearer much more protection. These helmets were the main helmets of separatist fighters in the Yugoslav Wars.[3]