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Macapagal (rare variant: Makapagal) is a Filipino surname derived from the Kapampangan language.

The family claims noble descent from the legitimate grandchildren of Lakandula, the last "王" or King of Tondo "東都" (Dongdu). It is the only known branch of the Seludong's royal family to have survived the Majapahit Empire's invasion, the Sultanate of Brunei's pogrom against native royals, Chinese warlord Limahong's massacres, and the fallout from the Tondo Conspiracy. The family survived due to Martin de Goiti's giving of his Mestiza (Half Aztec and Half-Spanish) daughter in marriage to Batang Dula. As time went on, they incorporated the descendants from the two other royal houses: the house of Rajah Matanda (ऋअज ंअतन्द) and the house of Tariq Suleiman (سليمان).

The family then migrated to Pampanga and Northern Samar after the Spanish assumed control of Manila.

The following are people possessing the Macapagal surname: