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Mahal (/mɛˈɦɛl/), meaning "a mansion or a palace", though it may also refer to "living quarters for a set of people". It an Indian word which derives from the Persian word mahal, deriving from the Arabic word mahall which in turn is derived from ḥall ‘stopping place, abode’.[1] A place of destination would therefore be referred to as "mahal anuzul". A place of recreation would be referred to as "mahal anunzul".[2][3] The term máhal to refer to a place was also adopted in Hindi for example Panch Mahals and Jungle Mahals.[4] The word developed its meaning for palace as in opposition to that of a jhopri or a "dilapidated house" as a neologism.[5]

Both Muslim and Hindu rulers built many Mahals in India.

Notable mahals[edit]