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Maine State Treasurer
Henry Beck

since January 2, 2019
Term lengthTwo years, renewable four times
Inaugural holderJoseph C. Boyd
FormationMarch 15, 1820
WebsiteMaine State Treasurer website

The Maine State Treasurer is a constitutional officer of the State of Maine.

The office is authorized by Article V, Part Third of the Maine Constitution. The Treasurer is chosen by the Maine Legislature in joint session for a two-year term, and can serve no more than four consecutive terms. Responsibilities of the Treasurer's Office include providing financial services for all state agencies, issuing bonds and managing the State's debt, and holding unclaimed property and working to return it to its rightful owners. The Treasurer is also an ex officio member of several state boards and agencies.

Governor Paul LePage proposed in 2015 to change how the State Treasurer is chosen from being chosen by the Legislature to a gubernatorial appointment and confirmation by the Legislature.[1]

List of State Treasurers[edit]

Tenure State Treasurer Party Hometown Notes
1820–1822 Joseph C. Boyd Portland, Maine
1823–1827 Elias Thomas Portland, Maine
1828 Mark Harris Democratic-Republican Portland, Maine U.S. Congressman from Maine's 2nd Congressional district (1822-1823)
1829–1830 Elias Thomas Portland, Maine
1831 A. B. Thompson Brunswick, Maine
1832–1834 Mark Harris Democratic-Republican Portland, Maine U.S. Congressman from Maine's 2nd Congressional district (1822-1823)
1835–1837 Asa Redington, Jr. Augusta, Maine
1838 James B. Cahoon Whig (later Democratic) Portland, Maine
1839 Jeremiah Goodwin Alfred, Maine
1840 Daniel Williams Augusta, Maine
1841 Sanford Kingsbury Kingsbury Plantation, Maine
1842–1846 James White Democratic Belfast, Maine
1847–1849 Moses Macdonald Democratic Limerick, Maine
1850–1854 Samuel Cony Republican Augusta, Maine
1855 Woodbury Davis Republican Belfast, Maine
1856 Isaac Reed Democratic Waldoboro, Maine
1857–1859 Benjamin D. Peck Portland, Maine
1860–1864 Nathan Dame Alfred, Maine
1865–1868 N.G. Hitchborn Stockton Springs, Maine
1869–1873 William Caldwell Augusta, Maine
1874–1876 Silas C. Hatch Bangor, Maine
1877–1878 Esreff H. Banks Republican Biddeford, Maine
1879 Charles White Democratic Gardiner, Maine
1880–1884 Samual A. Holbrook Republican Augusta
1885–1887 Edwin C. Burleigh Republican Bangor, Maine 42nd Governor of Maine (1889-1893), U.S. Congressman from 3rd Congressional District (1897-1911), U.S. Senator (1913-1916)
1888–1894 George L. Beal Republican Norway, Maine Union Army General
1895–1900 F. Marion Simpson Republican Carmel, Maine
1901–1906 Ormandal Smith Republican Litchfield, Maine
1907–1910 Pascal P. Gilmore Republican Bucksport, Maine
1911–1912 James F. Singleton Bangor, Maine
1913–1914 Joseph W. Simpson Republican York, Maine
1915–1916 Elmer E. Newbert Democratic Augusta, Maine
1917–1920 Joseph W. Simpson Republican York, Maine
1921–1926 William L. Bonney Republican Bowdoinham, Maine
1927–1932 William S. Owen Republican Milo, Maine
1933–1936 George S. Foster Ellsworth, Maine
1937–1942 Belmont Smith Republican Bangor, Maine
1943–1946 Joseph H. McGillicuddy Republican Houlton, Maine
1947–1964 Frank S. Carpenter Republican Augusta, Maine
1965–1966 Eben L. Elwell Democratic Augusta, Maine
1967–1968 Michael A. Napolitano Republican Augusta, Maine
1969–1974 Norman K. Ferguson Republican Hanover, Maine
1975 Rodney L. Scribner Democratic Augusta, Maine
1976–1978 H. Leighton Cooney, Jr. Democratic Augusta, Maine
1979–1980 Jerrold Speers Republican Winthrop, Maine
1981–1996 Samuel Shapiro Democratic Waterville, Maine
1997–2004 Dale McCormick Democratic Monmouth, Maine
2005–2010 David Lemoine Democratic Saco, Maine
2011–2012 Bruce Poliquin Republican Georgetown, Maine U.S. Congressman from Maine's 2nd Congressional District (2015–2019)
2013–2015 Neria Douglass Democratic Auburn, Maine
2015–2019 Terry Hayes Independent Buckfield, Maine
2019– Henry Beck Democratic Waterville, Maine

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