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Maniyoor is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Maniyoor is located in India
Maniyoor (India)
Coordinates: 11°57′0″N 75°27′0″E / 11.95000°N 75.45000°E / 11.95000; 75.45000Coordinates: 11°57′0″N 75°27′0″E / 11.95000°N 75.45000°E / 11.95000; 75.45000
Country India
 • Total11,749
 • OfficialMalayalam, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeIN-KL

Maniyoor is a village in Kannur district in the Indian state of Kerala.[1]

Maniyoor Usthad

Maniyoor Abdul Khader Qasimi

Maniyoor usthad is the famous ulama in kannur and Kerala also, He was born at Cheruvathala village in Maniyoor on 11 September 1962 (1382, Rabeeuwal Akhire, 11).

His Father , Maniour Abdulla Musliyar was .a well-known scholar and orator in Kannur district. Mother: Haleema Beevi


 He met his primary education from Maniyoor Qamarul Islam Madras and Cheruvathala LP School till 1974. From 1974 to 82, he was educated at Rabbaniya Shariah College .

During the last two years there, he studied under kootilangadi Bappu Musliyar at Thrikkarippur Thankayam Dars. Later he went on to study in India's famous Islamic educational centre Dar Al-Uloom, Dayuband and completed one year of higher study and graduated as Qasimi.


After graduating, he served two years as Assistant Mudris of Bappu Musliyar and Madras Sadhr in Quwat Islam Shariah College, Taliparamba. From 1985, served as Khatib and Mudaris in Thrikkaripoor, Olavara Jumua mosque. Mankadav Mahal Khatib and Mudaris from 1987 to 98. For the next three years,

he also worked in the Sunni Center and Islamic Center in Abu Dhabi. During this period, Kannur district Jamaat was formed under his guidance and he took the lead in the various activities of Dhikr Halkas and religious speeches and formed a Hajj Group.

After returning from there, served as Qasi of Panur, Kolavallur until 2004. Later, Khatib at Yeshvandapuram Jumaath Mosque in Bangalore and also started a Wafi college in Bangalore. In this tenure, he worked as a teacher in Kenkeri Jamia Darul Uloom, run by Bangalore Muslim Jamath president Hassan Haji . Later, he returned from Bangalore and was appointed as the Principal and Committee Secretary of Busthanul Uloom Arabic College in Maniyur which was under guidance of his brother Maniyoor Ahmed Musliar, for two years.

After that, returned to Bangalore again as Qasi and Khatheeb of Malabar Muslim Association of Bangalore for four years. Now continues as Wice Principal of Nandhi Darasalam, Da'wa College.

He is the Major leader of kerala jammiyathul ulama and he is Sunni shafi scholer. Now a days more people are coming to visit him, most are patience of several disease and usthad prey for them

Major works

 Hajj; a comprehensive study Dalailul khairath (this was authorised by Kakkidippuram Valiyy and sent two thousand copies k  A comprehensive study of blood donation    Now a long work of Al-Fatawal Qasimiyya is being prepared.


As of 2001 India census, Maniyoor had a population of 11749 with 5639 males and 6110 females.[1]


The national highway passes through Valapattanam town. Goa and Mumbai can be accessed on the northern side and Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram can be accessed on the southern side. The road to the east of Iritty connects to Mysore and Bangalore. The nearest railway station is Kannur on Mangalore-Palakkad line. Trains are available to almost all parts of India subject to advance booking over the internet. There are airports at Mattanur, Mangalore and Calicut. All of them are international airports but direct flights are available only to Middle Eastern countries.


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