Mantua Bog State Nature Preserve

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Mantua Bog State Nature Preserve
LocationMantua Township, Portage County, Ohio
Nearest cityMantua
Coordinates41°16′49″N 81°12′41″W / 41.28028°N 81.21139°W / 41.28028; -81.21139Coordinates: 41°16′49″N 81°12′41″W / 41.28028°N 81.21139°W / 41.28028; -81.21139[1]
Area104.8 ha (259 acres)
WebsiteOfficial website
Designated1976 (1976)

The Mantua Bog State Nature Preserve (or Mantua Swamp) is a 104.8-acre (42.4 ha) protected wetland in Mantua Township, Portage County in the U.S. state of Ohio. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1976[2][3] and a state nature preserve in 1990.[4][5] The national landmark designation encompasses 285 acres (115 ha) which includes Marsh Wetlands State Nature Preserve, in addition to Mantua Bog State Nature Preserve.[6]

The nature preserve includes different types of wetlands including swamp forest, boreal bog, and cattail marshes.[2] Twenty-four state-listed plants have been identified in the bog including autumn willow (Salix serissima), bunchflower (Melanthium virginicum), and cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos).[4] In 2000, the Ohio Odonata Survey found a breeding population of the brush-tipped emerald dragonfly (Somatochlora walshii), a species not previously known to exist in Ohio.[7][1]

Access is by permit only (from the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves) due to the sensitivity of the wetland.[4]


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