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Marc Sumerak (born 1978) is a freelance comic book writer from Cleveland, Ohio.

Sumerak is known for his work on Marvel Comics' all-ages Power Pack series (of which he has written seven consecutive 4-issue limited series), as well as the Eisner Award & Harvey Award nominated Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius (with co-writer Chris Eliopoulos). He is also currently providing the English translations for Spider-Man J (featured in the bi-monthly Spider-Man Family series).

Sumerak's body of writing work also includes Guardians, Marvel Age: Fantastic Four, Machine Teen, Ororo: Before the Storm and more. His first published work as a writer was the Avengers Casebook 1999.

Before he became a freelance writer, Sumerak worked as an editor at Marvel Comics. His credits include work on Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Thunderbolts, Hulk, Sentinel, Agent X and many more. He was a member of the Marvel editorial team from 1999–2003, working alongside editor Tom Brevoort.

Sumerak has stated that one of his main influences was the time he spent working as a costumed character at SeaWorld in Aurora, Ohio.

Sumerak is handling the writing process for the upcoming game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. [1]


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