Mare' Subdistrict

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Mare' Subdistrict

ناحية مارع
Mare' Subdistrict in Syria
Location of Mare' Subdistrict within Aleppo Governorate
Country Syria
DistrictAzaz District
 • Total191.42 km2 (73.91 sq mi)

Mare' Subdistrict (Arabic: ناحية مارع‎, romanizedNāḥiyah Mare') is a subdistrict of Azaz District in the Aleppo Governorate of northern Syria. The administrative centre is the city of Mare'. Adjacent subdistricts of Azaz District are Tell Rifaat to the west, Sawran to the north and Akhtarin to the east.

At the 2004 census, the subdistrict had a population of 39,306.[1]

Cities, towns and villages[edit]

Cities, towns and villages of Mare' Subdistrict
PCode Name Population
C1643 Mare' 16,904
C1641 Maarat Umm Hawsh 3,542
C1631 Herbel 3,403
C1640 Fafin 3,183
C1638 Tell Qarah 2,477
C1632 Tell al-Ayn 2,123
C1629 Sunbul 1,003
C1642 Mazra'at al-Ward 937
C1630 Saed - Qlsroj 904
C1639 Qaramel 768
C1637 Hissiyeh 753
N/A Salhiyeh 689
C1634 Hosniyeh 605
C1636 Hiwar Elnahr 540
C1633 Alsayed Ali 468
C1635 Tal Madeeq 398
N/A Al-Wardiyah 337
C1644 Wahshiyeh 272


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