Mayer Carl von Rothschild

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Mayer Carl Freiherr von Rothschild
Mayer Carl Freiherr von Rothschild.jpg
Mayer Carl von Rothschild, date unknown
Born(1820-08-05)5 August 1820
Died16 October 1886(1886-10-16) (aged 66)
Spouse(s)de:Louise von Rothschild
ChildrenAdèle von Rothschild [de] (b. 1843)
Emma Louise von Rothschild (b. 1844)
Thérèse von Rothschild (b. 1847)
Hannah Luise von Rothschild [de] (b. 1850)
Margaretha Alexandrine von Rothschild (b. 1855)
Bertha Clara von Rothschild (b. 1862)
Parent(s)Carl Mayer von Rothschild and Adelheid Herz

Mayer Carl Freiherr von Rothschild (5 August 1820 – 16 October 1886) was a German Jewish banker and politician, as well as scion of the Rothschild family.[1][2]

Born in Frankfurt to Adelheid (née Herz) and Carl Mayer von Rothschild, he studied law at the University of Göttingen and the University of Berlin before joining the family banking firm in Frankfurt. Following the deaths of his father and uncle (Amschel Mayer Rothschild), Mayer Carl and his brother Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild became heads of the firm.

He married Louise von Rothschild [de] in 1842. The couple had seven daughters:

  1. Adèle von Rothschild [de] (1843–1922), married to Salomon James de Rothschild (1835–1864) in 1862
  2. Emma Louise von Rothschild (1844–1935), married to Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1840–1915) in 1867
  3. Clementine Henriette von Rothschild (1845–1865)
  4. Thérèse von Rothschild (1847–1931), married to James Edouard de Rothschild (1844–1881) in 1871
  5. Hannah Luise von Rothschild [de] (1850–1892)
  6. Marguerite de Rothschild [fr] (1855–1905), married to Antoine Alfred Agénor de Gramont, 11th Duke of Gramont [fr] (1851–1925) in 1878
  7. Bertha Clara von Rothschild (1862–1903), married to Louis Philippe Marie Alexandre Berthier, 3rd Prince of Wagram (1836–1911) in 1882

In 1871, Rothschild became the first Jewish member of the House of Lords of Prussia.


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