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Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral in Marinka
Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral in Marinka
Marinka is located in Donetsk Oblast
Marinka is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 47°56′31″N 37°30′13″E / 47.94194°N 37.50361°E / 47.94194; 37.50361Coordinates: 47°56′31″N 37°30′13″E / 47.94194°N 37.50361°E / 47.94194; 37.50361
Country Ukraine
Oblast Donetsk Oblast
 • Total9,913

Marinka (Ukrainian: Мар'їнка) is a small city and the administrative center of Marinka Raion, Donetsk Oblast (province), Ukraine.[better source needed][2] Population: 5,000 (2016 est.)[3];[4] 9,913 (2013 est.)[5]; 10,722 (2001). The city has been damaged by and is on the frontline of the War in Donbass.[4][6]

Early history[edit]

Sometime after the 1775 liquidation of Zaporizhian Sich, lands of Kalmius Palatine were initially passed to the Greek re-settlers.[7] However according to the general plan of the Aleksandrovsk county of 1830s, the area of Maryinka and surrounding villages was not colonized.[7] After the final demarcation of the government land, in 1840s on non-colonized by Greeks territory moved former Ukrainian Cossacks and state peasants (see state serf) from various counties of Poltava Governorate and Kharkov Governorate (Little Russia).[7] After the partition of Poland, at the end of 18th century here were also exiled Polish people from the Kiev and Podolia governorates who also were under a special supervision by the local administration.[7] Unlike the state peasants who used a community land, the exiled Poles were considered as landowners ("odnodvortsy").[7]

By 1859 there were 1,318 people.[7] As a state village, Marinka belonged to the fourth stan of Aleksandrovsk county, Yekaterinoslav Governorate.[7] The village administration consisted of a village senior (head of village), a tax collector, a secretary, and a supervisor.[7] The city was under German occupation between 1941 and 1943.

Having been locked up in the police station, the Jews of the city (and the surrounding villages) were killed in a mass execution by an einsatzgruppen. The site of the massacre is located in a pit near the cemetery[8]

War in Donbass[edit]

August 2014: Ukrainian flag over the radio tower in Marinka

Starting in mid-April 2014 pro-Russian militants captured several towns in Donetsk Oblast;[9][10] including Marinka.[11] On August 5, 2014, Ukrainian forces regained control of Marinka.[12] Ukrainian forces involved in the recapture included the Azov Battalion, whose flag flew in the city in early August.[13] In this operation one volunteer fighter was killed (a member of Azov, a Russian-citizen) and 14 wounded (9 in an explosion of a Ukrainian tank due to an anti-tank mine).[14]

The city is shelled on a regular basis, with Ukrainian troops returning fire.[15] Pro-Russian fighters accused Ukrainian troops of using their positions in Marinka to shell militant-controlled Donetsk - a claim denied by the Ukrainian military.[6]

Three people died close to a checkpoint on 10 February 2016 when a minibus while bypassing a queue drove roadside and hit a land mine.[16] (The driver had ignored land mine warning signs.[16])

(According to Ukrainian MP Iryna Herashchenko) in September 2016 5.000 people lived in Marinka.[4]

Battle of Marinka[edit]

On 3 June 2015, fresh violence returned to the area as pro-Russian combatants launched an offensive on the city involving 1,000 fighters, tanks and heavy artillery.[6][17] They stated they only engaged in defence measures after an assault by the Ukrainian army.[18] By then the town had already been devastated by months of heavy fighting.[6]

According to the BBC, the 3 June 2015 fighting was the heaviest of the War in Donbass since the so-called Minsk II ceasefire was signed on 11 February 2015.[6][19] In the early evening of 3 June 2015, Donetsk People's Republic's Defence Minister Vladimir Kononov and the Ukrainian military confirmed to the OSCE that Marinka was under Ukrainian control.[20] According to OSCE figures, 28 people, including 9 civilians, were killed in Marinka on 3 June 2015.[21]



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