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Mario Mattei (6 September 1792, Pergola, Marche – 7 October 1870) was an Italian Cardinal, of the Roman noble House of Mattei. He became Dean of the College of Cardinals in 1860.

Personal life[edit]

Mattei was born on 6 September 1792 in Pergola.

He was educated at the Collegio Ghislieri, a Roman Seminary, and at the La Sapienza University where he received a doctorate in utroque iure) and later attended the Pontifical Academy of Ecclesiastical Nobles in 1810.[1] Around 1817, he was ordained a priest.

Elevation to Cardinal[edit]

He was elevated to Cardinal by Pope Gregory XVI in 1832 and was subsequently appointed to the following posts:[2]

Vatican service[edit]

In 1843, Mattei was appointed as Arch-Priest of St. Peter's Basilica and held this position until his death in 1870.

Records indicate that Mattei was appointed Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals twice; between 1834 and 1835 and between 1848 and 1850

He was appointed Dean of the College of Cardinals in 1860.

He was a participant in the First Vatican Council and in the Papal Conclave of 1846 that elected Pope Pius IX.


Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Ludovico Micara
Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
17 June 1844 – 23 June 1854
Succeeded by
Antonio Maria Cagiano de Azevedo
Preceded by
Luigi Lambruschini
Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina
23 June 1854 – 17 December 1860
Succeeded by
Giuseppe Milesi Pironi Ferretti
Preceded by
Vincenzo Macchi
Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia
17 December 1860 – 7 October 1870
Succeeded by
Costantino Patrizi Naro
Preceded by
Giacomo Giustiniani
Arch-Priest of St. Peter's Basilica
11 March 1843 – 7 October 1870
Succeeded by
Niccola Clarelli Parracciani
Preceded by
Luigi Gazzoli
Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals
20 January 1834 – 6 April 1835 (1st Term)
Succeeded by
Nicola Grimaldi
Preceded by
Castruccio Castracane degli Antelminelli
Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals
1848 – 1850 (2nd Term)
Succeeded by
Giacomo Luigi Brignole