Marseille Provence XV

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Marseille Provence XV
Full nameMarseille Provence XV
LocationMarseille, France
Ground(s)Stade Roger Couderc
League(s)Fédérale 1

Marseille Provence XV is a defunct French rugby union club, founded in 2000. The team played at the Stade Roger Couderc in Marseille, France.

The club debuted in Fédérale 3 (third amateur division) in the 2000-01 season. They were promoted after the 2001-02 season to Fédérale 2, and went up again in 2003 to Fédérale 1, though they went back down to Fédérale 2 for two seasons, they were promoted back up to Fédérale 1 for the 2006-07 season.

After that season, the club merged with another local club, Vitrolles de Rugby à XV. The new club, Marseille Vitrolles Rugby, began its life in Fédérale 2 in 2007-08, and earned promotion to Fédérale 1 for 2008-09. Marseille Vitrolles play at Marseille Provence's former home ground.


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