Martín Galeano

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Martín Galeano
Galeano con Armas.gif
Coat of arms of the Galeano family
Years active1536-?
EmployerSpanish Crown
Known forSpanish conquest of the Muisca
Spanish conquest of the Guane
Founder of Vélez, Oiba & Charalá
Isabel Juan de Meteller
ChildrenMar(t)ina Galeano (daughter)
RelativesPedro Galeano (brother)
Ángela Jiménez Galeano (sister)

Martín Galeano (?, Valencia del Mombuey, Badajoz, Spain - ?, Vélez, New Kingdom of Granada) was a Spanish conquistador of Genovese descent who is known as the founder of the towns of Vélez, Oiba and Charalá in Santander, Colombia. He took part in the expedition of the Spanish conquest of the Muisca led by Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada. After the foundation of Bogotá, he was sent northwards into Guane territories.[1]


Martín Galeano was born in Valencia del Mombuey, Badajoz or Genoa and had one brother, Pedro Galeano, and one sister, Ángela Jiménez Galeano. He married twice: with an unnamed woman; and with Isabel Juan de Meteller, formerly married to Pedro Ortuño Royo. With the unnamed woman, Galeano had one daughter; Marina, or Martina, Galeano, who became an encomendera.[2][3][4]

Conquest by Martín Galeano[edit]

bold is founded
Department Date Year Notes Map
Vélez Santander 3 July or
14 September
1539 [5][6]
Colombia - Santander - Vélez.svg
Oiba Santander 28 February 1540 [7]
Colombia - Santander - Oiba.svg
Charalá Santander 23 July 1540 [8]
Colombia - Santander - Charalá.svg
Simacota Santander 1551
Colombia - Santander - Simacota.svg


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