Matsue City General Gymnasium

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Matsue City General Gymnasium
Matsue City Gymnasium logo.png
Matsue City General Gymnasium.png
Full nameMatsue City General Gymnasium
LocationMatsue, Shimane, Japan
Parking393 spaces
OwnerMatsue city
OperatorMatsue city
OpenedApril. 2016
Construction cost 
Shimane Susanoo Magic

Matsue City General Gymnasium is an arena in Matsue, Shimane, Japan. It is the home arena of the Shimane Susanoo Magic of the B.League, Japan's professional basketball league. [1]


  • Maun arena - 2,747m2(67m×41m×16m)
  • Sub arena - 1,394m2(41m×34m×13m)


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Coordinates: 35°28′17.2″N 133°03′58.1″E / 35.471444°N 133.066139°E / 35.471444; 133.066139