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RegionPapua: Sarmi Regency, Bonggo Subdistrict - Mawes Dai, Mawes Mukti, and Mawes Wres villages to the west of the Buri River
Native speakers
850 (2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mgk

Mawes is a Papuan language of Indonesia.

It may be related to the Kwerba languages, but Glottolog leaves it unclassified. Foley (2018) classifies Mawes as a language isolate,[3] and so does Hammarström (2010).[4]


Pronouns are:[3]

sg pl
1 kidam inim
2 nam nɛm
3 ɛbɛ mia

Basic vocabulary[edit]

Basic vocabulary of Mawes listed in Foley (2018):[3]

Mawes basic vocabulary
gloss Mawes
‘bird’ ikinin
‘blood’ wɛrɛi
‘bone’ tuan
‘ear’ bɛr
‘eat’ nan
‘egg’ siwin
‘eye’ nonsum
‘fire’ kani
‘leg, foot’ yaʔ
‘louse’ sene
‘name’ dimanɛ
‘one’ mɛndakai
‘see’ nomo
‘sky’ kowan
‘stone’ fɛt
‘sun’ ɛsar
‘tooth’ wan
‘tree’ dengkin
‘two’ yakɛneu
‘water’ bo
‘woman’ yei

Further reading[edit]

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