Mean Dog Blues

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Mean Dog Blues
Directed byMel Stuart
Produced byGeorge Lefferts
Charles A. Pratt
Written byGeorge Lefferts
StarringGregg Henry
Kay Lenz
Scatman Crothers
Tina Louise
George Kennedy
Music byFred Karlin
CinematographyRobert B. Hauser
Edited byHouseley Stevenson Jr.
Distributed byAmerican International Pictures
Release date
March 1978
Running time
108 minutes
CountryUnited States

Mean Dog Blues is a 1978 American drama film directed by Mel Stuart.[1] It stars Gregg Henry and Kay Lenz.[2]


A friend driving under the influence seriously injures a child. Paul Ramsey, a singer, offers to take the rap in court, only to be double-crossed and sentenced to five years in prison. He ends up with other inmates treated sadistically by a brutal prison official who makes them train his vicious attack dogs.



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