Meinong Hakka Culture Museum

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Meinong Hakka Culture Museum
高雄市美濃區 美濃客家文物館 - panoramio (4).jpg
Meinong Hakka Culture Museum is located in Taiwan
Meinong Hakka Culture Museum
Location within Taiwan
General information
LocationMeinong, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Coordinates22°54′40″N 120°33′27″E / 22.91111°N 120.55750°E / 22.91111; 120.55750Coordinates: 22°54′40″N 120°33′27″E / 22.91111°N 120.55750°E / 22.91111; 120.55750
Opening28 April 2001[1]
CostNT$ 120 million
Design and construction
ArchitectHsie Ying-jun

The Meinong Hakka Culture Museum (Chinese: 美濃客家文物館; pinyin: Měinóng Kèjiā Wénwùguǎn) is a cultural museum in Meinong District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.[2]


During the opening ceremony speech on 28 April 2001, President Chen Shui-bian emphasized the effort by the central government to preserve Hakka culture and give it the recognition it deserves.


The museum design was inspired by simplicity and minimalism. It is a blend of cigarette house and traditional residence where it embraces innovation and modernity.[3]


The museum displays Hakka and Meinong culture and history as well as the relationship between people and their environment.[4]

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