Mercu Buana University

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Mercu Buana University
EstablishedOctober 22, 1985
RectorProf. DR, Ngadino Surip Diposumarto MS
CampusJakarta: Campus A; Jakarta: Campus B; Depok: Campus C; Bekasi: Campus D
ColorsCoquelicot, blue and white      

Mercu Buana University (UMB, or Universitas Mercu Buana) is a private university in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was established on October 22, 1985. Its main campus is in Meruya.[1]


Founding and early history[edit]

With his background as a teacher at Taman Siswa, Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra, H. Probosutedjo established Akademi Wiraswasta Dewantara (Dewantara Entrepreneur Academy; AWD) on November 10, 1981. Its groundbreaking was conducted by H. Adam Malik, former Indonesian vice president. The name was taken from a national education figure: Ki Hajar Dewantara.

Before it had its own campus, lectures were given at Gedung Yayasan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (the Building of Indonesian Migrant Workers’s Foundation – YTKI) on Jalan Gatot Soebroto. In 1984, Yayasan Menara Bhakti (Menara Bhakti Foundation) built the Menara Bhakti Campus.

In 1985 plans were made to erect a university-level institution. With a decree of the chairman of Menara Bhakti Foundation, they in 1985 formed a committee to establish a university. On the committee were chairman Dr. Sri-Edi Swasono assisted by H. Abdul Madjid, Dr. Iman Santosa Sukardi, Dr. M. Enoch Markum, Ir. Suharyadi, M.S., Soekarno and Prijo S. Parwoto.

Kopertis Region III granted an operational permit to Mercu Buana University. On October 22, 1985 Mercu Buana was officially declared as a university with faculties and departments as follows:

  • Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Civil Engineering Departments
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Agribusiness and Agronomy Departments
  • Economics, Management and Accounting Departments

The number of students in the first year was 118. A year later, based upon assessment result conducted by Kopertis Region III, the six departments received “Registered” status from Minister of Education and Culture.


UMB has expanded with its Campus D in Bekasi providing employees working or living nearby a solution to get undergraduate degree.


  • Campus A is on Jalan Meruya Selatan, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta.
  • Campus B is in Tedja Buana Building (Kedaung) 4th–6th floors on Jalan Menteng Raya No. 29, Central Jakarta.
  • Campus C is in LIA Depok Building on Jalan Margonda No. 200, Depok, West Java.
  • Campus D is on Jalan Raya Kranggan No. 6 Jatisampurna, Bekasi, West Java.



Prof. DR, Ngadino Surip Diposumarto MS is the rector of Mercu Buana University.

Schools and colleges[edit]

UMB is organized into schools and colleges, each with a different dean and organization.


  • Mercu Buana College of Accounting
  • Mercu Buana College of Enterprise Management
  • Mercu Buana Faculty of Accounting
  • Mercu Buana Faculty of Communication Studies
  • Mercu Buana Faculty of Management
  • Mercu Buana Faculty of Computer Science
  • Mercu Buana Faculty of Architectural Engineering
  • Mercu Buana Faculty of Industrial Engineering
  • Mercu Buana Faculty of Electrochemical Technology

Postgraduate schools[edit]


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