Merhav Am

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Merhav Am

מֶרְחַב עַם
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Merhav Am is located in Northern Negev region of Israel
Merhav Am
Merhav Am
Coordinates: 30°53′14.22″N 34°49′43.55″E / 30.8872833°N 34.8287639°E / 30.8872833; 34.8287639Coordinates: 30°53′14.22″N 34°49′43.55″E / 30.8872833°N 34.8287639°E / 30.8872833; 34.8287639
CouncilRamat Negev
Founded byOr Movement

Merhav Am (Hebrew: מֶרְחַב עַם, lit. Nation's Expanse) is a religious community settlement in southern Israel. Located in the Negev desert between Yeruham and the kibbutz of Sde Boker, it falls under the jurisdiction of Ramat HaNegev Regional Council. In 2018 it had a population of 466.[1]


Merhav Am was founded by the Or Movement on 1 November 2001 and had a population of around 30 families by November 2006, many living in caravans.

The original name was intended to be Halukim due to its proximity to the Halukim Hills (the nearest road junction is called the Halukim Junction). However, after around a year it was renamed Merhav Am, inspired by the wide open area in which it was to be built, as well as in honour of Rehavam Ze'evi, a former Minister who was assassinated in 2001: In Hebrew Merhav (מרחב - MRHV) means "wide open spaces" whilst Rehavam is spelt using the last three letters of the word plus two more (רחבעם - RHVAM). Combining the two gives Merhav Am (MRHV+AM).


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