Mersin Urban History Museum

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Mersin Urban History Museum
Mersin Kent Tarihi Müzesi
Mersin Urban History Museum II, Turkey.jpg
Mersin Urban History Museum entrance
Mersin Urban History Museum is located in Turkey
Mersin Urban History Museum
Mersin Urban History Museum
Established2010; 9 years ago (2010)
Location5219 sok. Akdeniz, Mersin, Turkey[1]
Coordinates36°48′00″N 34°37′42″E / 36.80000°N 34.62833°E / 36.80000; 34.62833Coordinates: 36°48′00″N 34°37′42″E / 36.80000°N 34.62833°E / 36.80000; 34.62833
OwnerMustafa Erim
WebsiteMersin Urban History Museum
Mersin Urban History Museum interior, Turkey

Mersin Urban History Museum (Turkish: Mersin Kent Tarihi Müzesi) is a private museum in Mersin, Turkey.

Location and the History[edit]

The museum is close to the intersection of two main streets in Mersin,[clarification needed] which lies about 450 metres (1,480 ft) from the Mediterranean Sea. It is a restored 150 year-old house with a prominent bay window.[2]

The museum building was restored and opened by Mustafa Erim on 4 September 2010.

Sections in the museum[edit]

The exhibits in the museum are the following:[1]

  • Atatürk in Mersin: photographs of Atatürk (founder of Turkey) during his visits to Mersin.
  • Library about Mersin
  • Yümüktepe: photographs and documents about the 9000-yr. old tumulus which is situated within the city borders.
  • Education in Mersin: historical documents collected from 70 schools in Mersin
  • Castles in Mersin Province: posters and photos of the castles in Mersin Province (see Mersin Archaeology). Although the museum is basically an urban history museum this section includes castles in the greater area.
  • Notable Mersin citizens (see Notable People)
  • Liberation of Mersin: Opposition to French occupation in Mersin during the Turkish War of Independence
  • Mosques and Churches (including inactive ones) in Mersin Province
  • Urban History of Mersin (see History)

The museum has also a conference room.