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Molar mass 300.462
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Metaphit as a methanesulfonate salt

Metaphit (1-[1-(3-Isothiocyanato)phenyl]cyclohexylpiperidine) is a research chemical that acts as an acylator of NMDARAn, sigma and DAT binding sites in the CNS. It is the m-isothiocyanate derivative of phencyclidine (PCP) and binds irreversibly (forming a covalent bond) to the PCP binding site on the NMDA receptor complex.[1] However, later studies suggest the functionality of metaphit is mediated by sites not involved in PCP-induced passive avoidance deficit, and not related to the NMDA receptor complex.[2] Metaphit was also shown to prevent d-amphetamine induced hyperactivity, while significantly depleting dopamine content in the nucleus accumbens.[3] Metaphit was the first acylating ligand used to study the cocaine receptor.[4] It is a structural isomer of the similar research compound fourphit, as it and metaphit both are isothiocyanate substituted derivatives of an analogous scaffold shared with PCP.[5]


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