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Mexico City Metro
STC rapid transit
Metro Tacubaya Line 1 Platforms.jpg
Line 1 platforms
LocationTacubaya, Miguel Hidalgo
Mexico City
Coordinates19°24′12″N 99°11′14″W / 19.403439°N 99.187102°W / 19.403439; -99.187102Coordinates: 19°24′12″N 99°11′14″W / 19.403439°N 99.187102°W / 19.403439; -99.187102
Line(s)Mexico City Metro Line 1 Mexico City Metro Line 7 Mexico City Metro Line 9
Platforms6 side platforms
Structure typeUnderground
Bicycle facilitiesNo
Disabled accessYes
OpenedMexico City Metro Line 1 20 November 1970
Mexico City Metro Line 7 22 August 1985
Mexico City Metro Line 9 29 August 1988
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
Mexico City Metro Mexico City Metro Line 1
towards Pantitlán
towards El Rosario
Mexico City Metro Mexico City Metro Line 7
TerminusMexico City Metro Mexico City Metro Line 9
towards Pantitlán

Metro Tacubaya is a station on Lines 1, 7 and 9 of the Mexico City Metro system.[1][2] It is located in the Miguel Hidalgo borough of Mexico City, west of the city centre.[1]

General information[edit]

The station logo represents a water bowl while the name, taken from the surrounding neighbourhood, means "where water joins" in Nahuatl.[1] An Aztec settlement was built on the area, which back then was at the edge of Lake Texcoco.[1]

Metro Tacubaya is one of the network's busiest stations. Line 9 currently has its terminus here, but there are plans for further expansion of the line.

The station was built on many levels, in order to accommodate the connecting lines. It has a maze of long, wide corridors between the lines' platforms, which are equipped with escalators. This station's exits connect with many zones of Tacubaya neighbourhood, such as Parque Lira, a local market and the offices of the Miguel Hidalgo borough administration.[3] Metro Tacubaya has facilities for the handicapped, and a cultural display.

It was in this area of Mexico City where the French pastry chef had his shop that was damaged in 1828. It was this incident that lead to the Pastry War a decade later. Service at this station began November 20, 1970.

Metro Tacubaya serves the Tacubaya neighborhood.


  • Parque Lira, public park.
  • Museo Casa de la Bola, museum.
  • Museo Nacional de Cartografía, museum of cartography.
  • Alameda de Tacubaya, public plaza.


Line 1[edit]

Line 7[edit]

Line 9[edit]

  • Northwest: Av. Jalisco and Manuel Dublan, Tacubaya
  • Northeast: Av. Jalisco and Iturbide, Tacubaya
  • Southeast: Av. Jalisco and Mártires de la Conquista, Tacubaya


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