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The Meyers Aircraft Company was a US aircraft manufacturer established by Al Meyers in Tecumseh, Michigan in 1936 at what is now Meyers–Diver's Airport. Originally, the company produced a biplane trainer, the Meyers OTW, but after World War II developed a range of light utility aircraft, culminating in the Meyers 200. In 1965, the company and the rights to two of its aircraft, the 145 and 200 were purchased by Rockwell-Standard.


Summary of aircraft built by Meyers
Model name First flight Number built Type
Meyers OTW 1936 104 Training biplane
Meyers Me-165W 1942 1 CPTP Trainer
Meyers MAC-145 1947 22 Sports aircraft
Meyers 200 1955 129 Light cabin aircraft

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