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This is a list of some of the military equipment used by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). This list does not include equipment used by the Syrian Opposition.[1][2]

Small arms[edit]

Assault and battle rifles[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
MAS-36 Bolt-action rifle  France MAS Modèle 36.jpg
MAS-49 Semi automatic rifle  France MAS 49 crop.jpg
SKS Semi automatic rifle

 Soviet Union

SKS - Ryssland - AM.045810.jpg Captured in Syria and Iraq.
AK-47 Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  Soviet Union АК-47.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
AKM Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  Soviet Union AKM automatkarbin - 7,62x39mm.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
Assault rifle  Soviet Union Ak74 m.jpeg Limited used.
AK-103 Assault rifle  Russia AK-103 Assault Rifle.JPG Captured from Libyan Army.
AK-63 Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  Hungary AMMSz.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
AMD-65 Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  Hungary Right side of AMD-65.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
Zastava M70 Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  Yugoslavia/ Serbia Zastava M70AB2 Hunter la5.JPG Captured from Syrian Army.
Type 56 assault rifle Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  China Norinco type 56.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
Type 81 assault rifle Assault rifle  China Type-81rifle.JPG
MPi-KM Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  East Germany MPi-Km 72.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
Pistol Mitralieră model 1963/1965 Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  Socialist Republic of Romania PMmd.1963.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
vz. 58[4] Assault rifle Small quantities  Czechoslovakia Sa 58-JH02.jpg Likely captured from Iraqi stockpile.
FB Tantal
FB Beryl
Assault rifle  Poland Tantal REMOV.jpg
Bushmaster XM-15 Semi automatic rifle  United States M4gery.jpg
M16 rifle Assault rifle Unknown[3][unreliable source?]  United States The M16A4 Series 5.56mm Rifle.jpg Captured from Iraqi Army and police.[5]
VHS-K2[6] Assault rifle  Croatia VHS-D assault rifle REMOV.jpg
StG 44
(Very Limited)[6]
Assault rifle  Nazi Germany MP44 - Tyskland - 8x33mm Kurz - Armémuseum.jpg
Norinco CQ[7] Assault rifle  China NORINCO Type CQ 5'56x45mm assault rifle.jpg
Daewoo K2C Assault rifle  South Korea Most likely seized during delivery to the Iraqi Army, or captured from Iraqi troops.
FN FAL[7] Battle rifle  Belgium FN-FAL belgian.jpeg
Heckler and Koch G3[7] Battle rifle  West Germany DCB Shooting G3 pictures.jpg
Carbine rifle  United States PEO M4 Carbine RAS M68 CCO.jpg Captured from Iraqi Army and police.

Sniper rifles[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
Mosin–Nagant Sniper rifle  Russian Empire Mosin pu hungarian M52.jpg Equipped with PU, PE, and modified PSO-1 scopes.[9][10]
Dragunov SVD Designated marksman rifle 3000+[3][unreliable source?]  Soviet Union SVD Dragunov.jpg
PSL/FPK[11] Designated marksman rifle  Socialist Republic of Romania Psl sniper rifle.jpeg
M40A3 Sniper rifle  United States M-40A3.jpg
M14 EBR (Limited) Designated marksman rifle  United States PEO M14 EBR.jpg Captured from Iraqi Army.[12] (8:40 mins)[13]
M99 Anti-material rifle [3][unreliable source?]  China

Machine guns[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
M240 machine gun General-purpose machine gun  United States M240B Medium Machine Gun (7414626696).jpg Captured from Iraqi Army.
FN MAG General-purpose machine gun  Belgium FN MAG.jpg
PKM General-purpose machine gun [3][unreliable source?]  Soviet Union 7,62 KK PKM Helsinki 2012.JPG Most common belt-fed machine gun used.
MG 42 General-purpose machine gun Few in numbers  Nazi Germany Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1983-109-14A, Frankreich, MG-Schütze.jpg Can be seen in an IS fighter's headcam.
Type 80 General-purpose machine gun  China VOA Arrott - A View of Syria, Under Government Crackdown 08.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
Rheinmetall MG3 General-purpose machine gun [14]  West Germany BundeswehrMG3.jpg
Uk vz. 59 General-purpose machine gun  Czechoslovakia Kulomet UK-L vzor 59.jpg
Type 73 Light machine gun  North Korea
M249 light machine gun[15] Light machine gun  United States M249 Automatic Rifle.jpg Captured from Iraqi Army and Police.
FN Minimi Light machine gun  Belgium FN MINIMI Standard Right.jpg
RPD Light machine gun [3][unreliable source?]  Soviet Union LMG-RPD-44.jpg
RPK Light machine gun [3][unreliable source?]  Soviet Union RPK Machine Gun 7.62 x 39.jpg
NSV machine gun Heavy machine gun [3][unreliable source?]  Soviet Union 12,7 NSV Turku 3.JPG
DShK Heavy machine gun [3][unreliable source?]  Soviet Union Doushka desert.jpg
M2 Browning[16] Heavy machine gun  United States Browning M2 "Ma Deuce" Captured from Iraqi Army.


Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
Benelli M3 Combat shotgun  Italy
Benelli M3 Super 90.jpg
Franchi SPAS-12[citation needed] Combat shotgun  Italy
SPAS-12 stock folded.jpg


Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
Glock 17[17] Semi-automatic pistol  Austria
ARMS & Hunting 2012 exhibition (474-23).jpg
Glock 19 Semi-automatic pistol (some converted to full-auto)[18]  Austria
Browning Hi-Power[5] Semi-automatic pistol  Belgium
Browning High-Power 9mm IMG 1526.jpg
Beretta M92[19] Semi-automatic pistol  Italy
M9 Left.jpg
HS2000[19] Semi-automatic pistol  Croatia
Dan OSRHa i HKoVa Kalovac 14 290509.jpg
Walther P99[20] Semi-automatic pistol  Germany
Walther P99 9x19mm.png
Makarov pistol Semi-automatic pistol  Soviet Union
Пистолет Макарова.png
TT-33 Semi-automatic pistol  Soviet Union
TT-33 2.JPG
Ruger P-Series Semi-automatic pistol  United States
Ruger P89 1.png
P-08 Semi-automatic pistol  German Empire
Luger P08 (6971793777).jpg
CZ 75 Semi-automatic pistol  Czechoslovakia

Explosives, anti-tank weapons, grenade launchers, and anti-aircraft launchers[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
IED Improvised explosive device Large quantities  Islamic State IED Baghdad from munitions.jpg Most commonly used.
Captured from YPG.
M62 grenade Hand grenade  United States
Multiple caches.[21]
RGD-5 Hand grenade  Soviet Union frameless Captured from Iraqi and Syrian stockpiles.
F1 Hand grenade  Soviet Union F1 grenade travmatik com 01 by-sa.jpg Captured from Iraqi and Syrian stockpiles.
RPG-43 Anti-tank grenade  Soviet Union Kim Shin-jo weapons RPG43 (1).JPG Captured from Syrian army stockpiles.
AGS-17 Automatic grenade launcher  Soviet Union 30-мм автоматический гранатомет АГС-17 Пламя.jpg [3][unreliable source?]
RPG-7 Rocket propelled grenade launcher Large quantities  Soviet Union RPG-7V1 grenade launcher - RaceofHeroes-part2-22.jpg Commonly used.
RPG-22 Rocket propelled grenade launcher  Soviet Union RPG-22 rocket launcher.jpg [3][unreliable source?]
RPG-29 Rocket propelled grenade launcher  Soviet Union RPG-29 USGov.JPG [3][unreliable source?]
M79 Osa[22][23] Anti-tank rocket launcher  Yugoslavia M79-OSA.jpg
MILAN[24] Anti-tank missile  France MILAN P1220770.jpg
BGM-71 TOW[25] Anti-tank missile  United States 2014.08.01. 한미해병대 연합훈련 ROKMC 1st Div, - ROKUS Marine Combined Exercise (14648029309).jpg Captured from FSA.
9K111 Fagot Anti-tank missile  Soviet Union POLK 9K111 Fagot.jpg
9K115-2 Metis-M Anti-tank missile  Russia Antitank missile system Metis-M1.jpg
9M133 Kornet[26] Anti-tank missile  Russia 9M133 Kornet.JPG
HJ-8[27][28] Anti-tank missile  China BaktarShikan3.JPG
MBT LAW Anti-tank missile  United Kingdom/ Sweden Pansarvärnsrobot 57 aka MTB LAW.jpg
FN-6[29] Man-portable surface-to-air missile 1[30]  China Reportedly used on October 3, 2014 in Baiji to shoot down an Iraqi Mi‑35M helicopter.[29]
9K32 Strela-2[29] Man-portable surface-to-air missile 8[30][31]  Soviet Union SA-7.jpg "Limited, aging stock."[31]
9K38 Igla[32] Man-portable surface-to-air missile  Soviet Union SA-16 launcher and missile.jpg
9K38 Igla-S[32] Man-portable surface-to-air missile  Soviet Union Igla-Super.jpg
Hwaseong-Chong[30] Man-portable surface-to-air missile 1[30]  North Korea
FIM-92[4] Man-portable surface-to-air missile  United States 1-7 repels enemy assault at Lava Training Area 140203-M-OM885-094.jpg

Towed arms[edit]

Towed artillery[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
ZU-23-2[33] Towed anti-aircraft twin autocannon 83 (2015)[30][31]  Soviet Union Zu-23-2-belarus.jpg Usually mounted on technicals.[30]
AZP S-60[32] Anti-aircraft gun 21[30][31]  Soviet Union S-60.jpg
85 mm divisional gun D-44 1 (2015)[30] 1[30]  Soviet Union D-44-beyt-hatotchan-1.jpg Field gun
122-mm howitzer D-30[33] Howitzer 2[31]  Soviet Union Хаубица Д-30 122мм.jpg
122 mm howitzer M1938 (M-30)[30] Howitzer 2[30]  Soviet Union M30 howitzer nn 1.jpg
203 mm howitzer M1931 (B-4) Howitzer 1+  Soviet Union Belarus-Minsk-Museum of GPW Exhibition-2.jpg More than one captured in Dayr Hafir.
D-74 122 mm field gun[30] Field gun 6 (2015)[31]  Soviet Union
M-46[33] Field gun 34[30]  Soviet Union Iraqi Type 59 130 mm field gun.JPEG
M198 howitzer Towed howitzer Up to 5[34]  United States U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf War (1991) 001.jpg Captured from Iraqi Army.
Ordnance QF 25-pounder Field cannon 1+  United Kingdom QF-25-pounder-beyt-hatotchan-2.jpg


Logistics and utility vehicles[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
UAZ-469 Off-road military light utility vehicle 8[30][31]  Soviet Union Uaz-469-1.jpg Captured in Iraq.
Ural-4320 6×6 off-road truck 50+[35][36]  Soviet Union Interpolitex2016part2-14.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
HMMWV Light Utility Vehicle 2300+[37][38][39][40][41]  United States 060322-N-5438H-018 U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the Bravo Battery 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment along with Iraq Army soldiers from the 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Division perform a routine patrol.jpg Many captured from Iraqi Army. Main vehicle used by ISIS in SVBIED operations.
Technicals Improvised fighting vehicles Varies from hundreds to thousands.  Islamic State Ali Hassan al-Jaber Brigade.jpg Hundreds of variants exist, including SVBIED versions.
RG-31 Nyala Infantry Mobility Vehicle  South Africa RG-31.JPG
Safir Off-road military light utility vehicle  Iran Safir 1.jpg Captured from Hezbollah.

Tanks and armored fighting vehicles[edit]

Armored suicide truck
Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
BMP-1 Armored personnel carrier 25[30]  Soviet Union Bmp-1-DMSC9112086 JPG.jpg Captured from the armies of Iraq, Syria, and other factions such as SDF and FSA. Some converted to SVBIED.
Armored personnel carrier unknown[31]  Soviet Union Amna Sur 02.JPG
BPM-97 Armored personnel carrier 1+[35][36]  Russia Upgraded KAMAZ-43269 Vistrel 1.jpg Captured from Syrian Army.
BRDM-2[30] Amphibious armored personnel carrier 6[30]  Soviet Union BRDM-2 on a military parade.JPEG
MRAP Armored personnel carrier 13[33]  United States Caimanrollover.JPG Captured from the Iraqi Army and Police.
M1117 Armored Security Vehicle Armored personnel carrier 17[31]  United States M1117 Armored Security Vehicle.jpg Captured from the Iraqi Army and Police.
M113 APC Armored personnel carrier 52[31]  United States Allied Spirit I 150126-A-LO967-001.jpg Captured from the Iraqi[43] and the Egyptian Army. Some converted to SVBIED.
OT-64 SKOT Armored personnel carrier  Czechoslovakia/ Poland OT-64 SKOT.jpg
T-55/55MV/AM/AMV Main battle tank At least 82 (2015)[30][31][44]  Soviet Union T-55 4.jpg Captured from the Iraqi Army and Libyan militias. Many destroyed or captured.
T-62 Obr. 1967/Obr. 1972 Main battle tank 15 (2015)[30]  Soviet Union T62 side.jpg Possibly captured from Syrian Army, one destroyed near Kobani, another with reinforced turret knocked out near Ma'adan.
T-72/72M/A/AV /TURMS-T/M1 TURMS-T Main battle tank 22 (2015)[30][31]  Soviet Union ParkPatriot2015part2-28.jpg Possibly captured from the Syrian Army.
Centurion Mk 1-13[citation needed] Main battle tank 15  United Kingdom Centurion cfb borden 1.JPG

Self-Propelled Artillery[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
2S1 Gvozdika Self-propelled artillery 3-4[30][33]  Soviet Union M1974-sp-howitzer-19910304.jpg Captured from Syrian army.
ZSU-23-4 Shilka[32] Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 3[30]  Soviet Union ZSU-23-4-Camp-Pendleton.jpg Captured from Syrian army.
BM-21 Grad[33] Multiple rocket launcher 11[30]  Soviet Union Russian BM-21 Grad in Saint Petersburg.JPG Captured from Syrian army.


Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
L-39ZA Trainer/ground-attack aircraft 3 (2 operational, as of 2014)[30][45][not in citation given]  Czechoslovakia L-39 (12549639344).jpg Originally four. Captured by Jaysh al-Islam at the Jirah airfield on 12 February 2013. One was subsequently destroyed during a SAAF bombing.[46] Two were repaired to airworthiness and shown taxiing during a propaganda video released by Jaysh al-Islam.[47] Project abandoned upon the airfield's capture by ISIL.[48]
commercial civilian drones Drone (UAV) many[49][50][51][52][53]  Iran Some were captured from the Syrian Army and Iran. ISIL demonstrated the use of a reconnaissance drone in "Clanking of the Swords IV" (June 2014) and in October 2014 over Kobanî in the John Cantlie video and the Tabqah Air Base video. The three drones in Syria were shot down over Kobanî by Kurdish forces defending the city,[54][55] and by the Syrian Army over an airbase.[53]
Improvised bombing and surveillance drones (mostly quadcopters)[56] Drone (UAV) 80+[56]  Islamic State DJI Phantom 4 in Flight March 2016.jpg Large numbers of originally civilian drones are used by ISIL, often heavily adapted to be used for bomb attacks, spy missions, propaganda, etc. These drones are mostly controlled by the Al Bara’ bin Malik Brigade, part of the aviation sector of the Islamic State’s Committee for Military Manufacturing and Development.[56]


ISIL has been using a mix of watercraft to transport fighters around the Tigris River and Euphrates River and has been referred to as their unofficial riverine navy.[57] US forces have come across small watercraft that can ply rivers to carry troops, equipment and in some cases act as floating IEDs.[57]

  • Barges for transport.
  • Skiffs.
  • Motorized vessels.

Weapons production[edit]

IS has an indigenous weapons industry. Their workshops can produce identical copies of the RPG-7 and SPG-9. In addition, they have developed an indigenous rocket launcher, which comes in four varieties. Two variants fire PG-9 munitions at short and long range. A third fires PG-7V munitions and the fourth fires an unspecified thermobaric munition. They also produce grenades to be fired from the muzzle of an AK pattern rifle or dropped from a drone. They also produce mortar ammunition and rockets.[58] [59]


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