Millennium Park (Kolkata)

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Coordinates: 22°34′28″N 88°20′43″E / 22.574454°N 88.345321°E / 22.574454; 88.345321

Afternoon view of Howrah from the Millennium Park, Kolkata
View of Howrah Bridge from Millennium Park

Millennium Park is a private park in Kolkata, situated along the Strand Road on eastern shore of Hooghly River for a stretch of 2.5 km near Fairlie Ghat and opposite to Railway Club. The park consists of landscaped gardens and children's amusement rides. It was opened along the riverside to provide a green area for Kolkata's polluted waterway. It is a millennium gift from Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA/CMDA) inaugurated on 26 December 1999. The park is part of the first phases of the Kolkata Riverside Beautification Project. The park is open from 11am-8pm.

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