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Developer(s)Mineplex LLC
Initial releaseJanuary 24, 2013; 6 years ago (2013-01-24)
TypeGame server

Mineplex is a Minecraft game server officially partnered with Mojang.[1][2] It was founded on January 24, 2013 by two players under the usernames "Sterling_" and "Spu_".[3] Currently, the server has over 1,000 players playing simultaneously at almost any given time.[3][4] However, as Mineplex's popularity has been declining, this number used to be around 10,000.[5] The server's record, 34,434 players on January 28, 2015, is the highest in all of Minecraft and was recognized by Guinness World Records in Guinness World Records 2016: Gamer's Edition.[6] The amount of unique log-ins on the server is unknown, although it could be well into the millions as implied by the 500,000+ users on the server's forums.[3]

The server's main feature is its minigames, specially customized and heavily-modded multiplayer maps with different challenges.[7][4] These minigames provide winnable gameplay mechanics to the sandbox game.[8] They are divided into categories such as Classics, Arcade, Champions, Clans, and Holiday minigames. To pay for the server and its development, Mineplex sells in-game cosmetics and special features to players.[3]


The server was founded on January 24, 2013, making it among some of the oldest Minecraft servers.[3] The server received population booms after YouTube celebrity Captain Sparklez's uploaded videos on the server.[9] In 2016, the Dallas Mavericks partnered with Mineplex to create Dallas Mavericks World, a minigame for the server. According to a news release by the team, it will allow players to compete in building competitions and play a basketball minigame on a full-scale model of the American Airlines Center. The minigame was launched on the server in the summer of 2016.[10][11][12][13] In Guinness World Records 2016: Gamers Edition, Mineplex was listed as the most popular Minecraft server network, having 34,434 players on the server at once on January 28, 2015.[6]


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