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Stephens Island is an island on the British Columbia Coast, Canada, located in Hecate Strait to the northwest of Porcher Island and to the southwest of the city of Prince Rupert.[1] The island's main geographic feature is Mount Stephens, 432 m (1417 feet),[2] on the southeast end of the island at 54°07′39″N 130°40′15″W / 54.12750°N 130.67083°W / 54.12750; -130.67083 (Mount Stephens).[3] To its northwest is Congreve Hill, 150 m (492 feet),[4] at 54°09′29″N 130°42′31″W / 54.15806°N 130.70861°W / 54.15806; -130.70861 (Congreve Hill).

The island was named by Captain Vancouver in honour of Sir Philip Stephens, secretary to the Admiralty from 1763 to 1795.[5]:255

Indian reserves[edit]

Squaderee Indian Reserve No. 91 is located on the west side of the island's northern part, at 54°08′00″N 130°47′00″W / 54.13333°N 130.78333°W / 54.13333; -130.78333 (Squadaree IR No. 9)[6] on Skiakl Bay at 54°08′17″N 130°47′02″W / 54.13806°N 130.78389°W / 54.13806; -130.78389 (Skiakl Bay),[7] in which there is a small island, Skiakl Island, at 54°07′38″N 130°45′44″W / 54.12722°N 130.76222°W / 54.12722; -130.76222 (Skiakl Island).[8]

Off Stephens Island's northern tip is Avery Island at 54°12′42″N 130°45′32″W / 54.21167°N 130.75889°W / 54.21167; -130.75889 (Avery Island),[9] the whole of which constitutes Avery Island Indian Reserve No. 92,[10] Both it and Squadaree IR No. 9 are under the administration of the Metlakatla First Nation.[11][12] It lies in Qlawdzeet Anchorage which is at 54°12′15″N 130°46′09″W / 54.20417°N 130.76917°W / 54.20417; -130.76917 (Qlawdzeet Anchorage).[13] Overlooking that from the south, at the northern tip of Stephens Island itself, is Qlawd Hill at 54°11′28″N 130°46′29″W / 54.19111°N 130.77472°W / 54.19111; -130.77472 (Qlawd Hill).[14]

Other features and adjoining islands[edit]

Other small islands adjoining Stephens Island are Dunn Island, Dolly Island, Joyce Island, Log Island, Minnie Island, Philip Island (formerly Parry Island), Rod Island, and Trunk Island.[15]

Prescott Island is the largest of the small islands around Stephens Island, lying to its southeast between it and Porcher Island at 54°11′28″N 130°46′29″W / 54.19111°N 130.77472°W / 54.19111; -130.77472 (Prescott Island).[16]

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Coordinates: 54°09′28″N 130°43′54″W / 54.15778°N 130.73167°W / 54.15778; -130.73167 (Stephens Island)