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A screen shot of the program's title card

Missing is a weekly syndicated television program in the United States profiling real cases of missing persons. The series is hosted by Telco Productions, Inc.'s president and founder, Alex Paen. The series debuted on September 4, 2003, and is still in production. An episode is 30 minutes and has areas where local broadcasters can showcase missing people. The show meets the Children's Television Act of 1990 since 2011.[1]

According to the official website, as of June 25, 2019, 816 persons featured on Missing have been safely recovered.[2]


The program displays around 20 pictures of missing children and adults per episode. It begins with the history and description of the person, making special notice of tattoos, visible injuries and scars. Episodes (especially older ones) include video clips made by KidSmartz to teach children watching what to do in a certain situation.

The show also includes Internet Safety Tips (a person, usually an adult or teenager, suggests some tips on how to stay safe on-line) and a Safety Quiz. (The video is produced by KidSmartz, showing a child doing the wrong thing in the situation and then quizzed on what the child should have done in the situation.)

Nearing the end of the show, a "roundup" is presented showing the person(s) pictured with their first and last name. Some roundups feature four individuals at a time (usually when they are all missing and have the same surname). An individual is shown for two seconds; more time is allowed depending on how many individuals are in the same slide.

Music from the series is composed by Larry Brown; the male whispers are added during the editing process.

Broadcasters Information[edit]

Episodes are distributed using a satellite system and are aired on Wednesdays at 6:00 AM-6:30 AM Eastern Time.[3] The episodes are closed captioned[3] and broadcast weekly, though some air it biweekly. The program is commonly aired on Saturdays and Sundays (7:00 AM-11:00 AM) and is a popular choice for E/I programming among broadcasters; it is aired on national TV channels like Escape.


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