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Department of Mont-Terrible

Département du Mont-Terrible
Flag of Mont-Terrible
Mont-Terrible and its arrondissements
Mont-Terrible and its arrondissements
StatusDepartment of the French First Republic
47°25′N 7°5′E / 47.417°N 7.083°E / 47.417; 7.083
Official languagesFrench
Historical eraFrench Revolutionary Wars
19 December 1792
• Annexation of the
Rauracian Republic
25 March 1793
• Montbéliard
1 March 1797
18 October 1797
• Incorporated
to Haut-Rhin
17 February 1800
• 1797 census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Rauracian Republic
Department of Haut-Rhin
Today part of

Mont-Terrible [mɔ̃ tɛ.ʁibl] was one of the 130 departments of Napoleonic France, with its Chef-Lieu at Porrentruy.

The Mont Terrible for which the department was named is now known as Mont Terri, a peak of 804 metres near Courgenay (now in the canton of Jura, Switzerland). The toponym of Mont Terrible was formed by popular etymology from an earlier Frainc-Comtou Mont Tairi, from tari "arid, dry".

The department was created in 1793 with the annexation of the short-lived Rauracian Republic, which had been created in December 1792 from a part of the Prince-Bishopric of Basel. In 1797, the old principality of Montbéliard, formerly given to Haute-Saône, was reattached to Mont-Terrible. The department was abolished in 1800. Its territory was annexed to the Haut-Rhin, within which it formed the two arrondissements of Delémont and Porrentruy. In 1815, the territory that had previously formed Mont-Terrible was partitioned between Doubs (Montbéliard) and the Swiss canton of Bern (now forming the canton of Jura and the Bernese Jura).


The Department was created on 25 March 1793 by the National Convention which decreed the French Republic and the Country of Porrentruy to be reunited under the name of the Department of Mont-Terrible.

FIRST ARTICLE — The Country of Porrentruy will form a special department, under the name Department of Mont-Terrible.
SECOND ARTICLE — The commissioners of the National Convention, sent in this country by decree of 10 February, are responsible for taking all necessary measures to ensure the enforcement of the laws of the Republic, and to forward to the Convention all information necessary to determine the organisation and division of this department.
THIRD ARTICLE —The Provisional Executive Council is responsible for reducing [customs] barriers, taking all necessary precautions to prevent exports in contravention of the laws of the Republic.


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