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Place of originNetherlands, Germany
Main ingredientsProfiterole, whipped cream, white or dark chocolate

A moorkop is a pastry consisting of a profiterole (cream puff) filled with whipped cream. The top of the profiterole is glazed with white or dark chocolate. Often there is whipped cream on the top, with a slice of tangerine or a piece of pineapple.


The origin of the name moorkop lies in Den Bosch. There was a house named ‘de Moriaan’, and the residents were well known for their cooking. They specialised in delicious patisseries. At some point in time a pastry made by the cooks became a popular delicacy and someone shouted: 'it looks like a morenkop'[citation needed] (a ‘morenkop’ is a stone head of a moor, or black skinned man, that hung above many pharmacies). The moorkop came from the name 'morenkop'.

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