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Moroccan rap music was first introduced in Morocco by the famous rap group Darkheads who started their quest in the United States. Moroccan musical style related to rap and hip hop culture. It nevertheless stand out from the American Hip hop music or the French rap by its locality, by its proximity of Moroccan youth (by the themes it treats), and also by the relative influence it undergo from Moroccan culture.


Moroccan's hip-hop and urban culture history dates back to the mid-1980s, when, after hip-hop's emergence in Western culture, Moroccan immigrant youth in Europe transferred the new musical style back to Morocco upon their returns home.

Rap and urban music have since gained a following in major urban centers in Morocco. Moroccan rap, a favorite genre for many Moroccans, especially Moroccan youth, speaks out and protests on social and political issues.[1][2] Dizzy DROS is a Moroccan rapper from the new generation who gained popularity after releasing his first single "Cazafonia" in 2011.[3][4] Mr Crazy, Also a young rapper rose fame after being jailed at the age of 17, because of one of his songs which he was alleged of distorting the national anthem.[5]

Documentary films about hip hop in Morocco[edit]

  • I Love Hip Hop In Morocco is a 2006 American documentary by Joshua Asen and Jennifer Needleman that chronicles the creative process and efforts of Moroccan hip-hop groups and singers to secure funding and launch Morocco's first-ever hip hop concert of the same name.[6] The film features artists based primarily in the cities of Casablanca, Meknes and Marrakesh.

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