Mossberg 9200

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Mossberg 9200
Place of origin United States
Production history
DesignerO.F. Mossberg & Sons
ManufacturerO.F. Mossberg & Sons
ProducedUntil 2001
VariantsSee Variants
Massvaries with model
Lengthvaries with model
Barrel length18.5 in (470 mm) to 28 in (710 mm)

Cartridge2¾" or 3" 12 gauge shot shell
Caliber12 gauge
ActionGas operated
Muzzle velocity403 m/s (1,325 ft/s) for 12 gauge, 2¾", 00 buckshot load
475 m/s (1,560 ft/s) for 12-gauge 437 grain rifled slug
Effective firing range40 m
Maximum firing range100 m
Feed system5 to 9 rounds; internal tube magazine[1]
SightsFront bead, ramp, or ghost ring sight depending on model

The Mossberg 9200 is a 12-gauge semi-automatic series of shotguns designed by O.F. Mossberg & Sons that was made until 2001.[1]


The Mossberg 9200 series of shotguns are autoloading, gas-operated shotguns. Consistent with all Mossberg shotguns, this model series has the same ambidextrous thumb-operated safety switch positioned in the middle of the receiver. The Mossberg 9200 series uses 2¾ or 3 inch Magnum shells. The 9200A1 was specifically designed to use 2¾ inch "maximum load" rounds such as #00 Buck.[1]


Two main versions were made: the 9200 and 9200A1. The 9200 was a general platform with several grades of finish and features and primarily intended for hunting and sport shooting. [2] Versions of the 9200 include Crown Grade, Combo, Camo, and Viking.[2] The Crown Grade model had a high-quality Walnut hardwood stock, polished blued finish, and a 22, 24, 26, or 28 inch vent-rib or slug barrel. The Camo models all had a synthetic stock, 24 inch vent-rib barrel and were camouflage coated. The Combo was a Crown Grade model with multiple barrel options included, and the Viking model had a synthetic stock and more rugged finish. Mossberg also produced a "Persuader" model under their "Special Purpose" line which had a parkerized finish, a synthetic stock, and an 18.5 inch barrel and was intended for tactical or law enforcement use.[3]

In May of 1998, the US Department of Defense issued a solicitation for a new shotgun called the Joint Service Combat Shotgun (JSCS) program.[4] The JSCS was intended to choose a successor shotgun to replace the current shotgun models used by the US Military. In response, Mossberg produced a variant called 9200A1 or "Jungle Gun"[5]designed to the JSCS specifications and submitted for review, however, the 9200A1 was not selected. Mossberg also offered the 9200A1 for sale in their catalog through 2000.[6] The 9200A1 had many of the features of the Persuader model, with the addition of a heavier barrel and fixed cylinder choke, however, the 9200A1 did not share barrels with the other 9200 models and had a different gas system design to accommodate the high power ammunition specified in the JSCS solicitation.[1]

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