Motorola C139

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Motorola C139
Motorola C139.jpg
First released2005
Mass85 g (3.2 oz)
MemoryUp to 100 names and numbers
DisplayTFT, 65K colors

Motorola C139 is a cellular phone designed and manufactured for Motorola by an Original design manufacturer.[citation needed] It addresses people with basic needs,[1] and has limited features.[2] This phone has been offered on AT&T's GoPhone service, TracFone, Cellular One, and Net10. It is primarily focused for prepaid plans,[3] and was claimed by a PC Magazine review to be the cheapest unlocked GSM handset.[4] The Motorola C139 is supported by OsmocomBB.

Design flaws[edit]

A demonstration of the Motorola C139 screen glare, and unreadability with the backlight off.

This phone is designed so that the LCD screen is only readable with the backlight on.[5][6]


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