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Related brandsAutomotive parts, car maintenance service
MarketsWorldwide (50 countries)
TaglineCar care all the way

Motrio is a brand of automotive spare parts[1] launched by Renault in 1998.[2] covering both Renault/Dacia vehicules and other brands. The objective of Motrio is to propose an alternative range to Renault genuine parts. Motrio became also a multibrand network of repairers in 2003.[3]

Motrio 20th anniversary logo


Motrio was created by Renault in 1998, to regain market lost to minor dealers and repair agents. The brand started in France and Italy, but then it extended its operations to Germany (1999), Spain and Portugal (2000).[2] Today, it is present in 35 countries worldwide.[4] Motrio launches its own car repair network in 2003 across Argentina, France, Poland and Portugal. Being one of the first multibrand car network, Motrio starts with 850 repairers in France.

Motrio car service

In 2005, the brand establishes its online presence through its BtoB website, The same year, Motrio launches Motelio management software for its network and car dealers, enabling a storage of parts technical data from Renault, Dacia and other brands which also redirect users to BtoB aftersales software Renault Parts.

In 2008 and 2009, Motrio wins the 1st car repair award network from “Le Grand prix des Réseaux”.

In January 2010, Renault is one of the first carmakers to introduce its own tires range in several countries (France, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Spain and Belgium) through Motrio brand.

To continue the development of Motrio business, France launches in 2016 a B2C website with quotation online and direct appointment with car dealers. The same year Motrio renews its corporate identity. The website is deployed in 2019 in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Martinique.

In 2018, Motrio parts are commercialized in 50 countries throughout the world, and its car repair network gathers 1500 repairers from 15 countries across 3 continents : Europe, Asia and Africa.

Universal Products Motrio

Product range[edit]

Motrio is a complete range of multibrand spare parts with more than 7000 part numbers families compatible with 25 car brands and 300 car models. The Motrio range targets out of warranty period vehicles whose owners are looking for alternative solutions to Genuine Parts.[4] Motrio's product range is divided in 4 groupes. The Universal products (engine Oil, batteries, wiper blades etc.), the Basic products ( brake discs, air/oil/fuel filters, glow plugs etc.), the Technical products (timing kits, water pumps, condensers etc.) and the complementary products (tyres, etc.)

Since January 2010, Renault was one of the first carmakers to introduce its own tyres in France, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Spain and Belgium,[5] under the Motrio brand.[6] The new product line was successful,[5] selling more than a million units in two years.[7]

Motrio car sponsoring 4L Trophy 2019

Sport Sponsorship[edit]

Since 2005, Motrio is sponsoring sports events, car crews and pilots.[8]

Trade Fair[edit]

Motrio regularly participates to car trade fairs, such as

  • Motrio Ireland Trade Fair (2018)
  • Motor Show Portugal (2018)
  • Russia Motrio show (2018)
  • Equipauto France (2011) & Algeria (2017)
  • Colombia auto partes (2017)


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