Mount Burke (British Columbia)

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Mount Burke
Highest point
Elevation1,270 m (4,170 ft) [1]
Prominence173 m (568 ft) [1]
Coordinates49°18′28″N 122°42′41″W / 49.30778°N 122.71139°W / 49.30778; -122.71139Coordinates: 49°18′28″N 122°42′41″W / 49.30778°N 122.71139°W / 49.30778; -122.71139
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Parent rangePacific Ranges
Topo mapNTS 92G/07

Mount Burke, 1,270 m (4,167 ft),[2] is a mountain located in northeast Coquitlam, British Columbia, north of Port Coquitlam on the ridge system leading to Coquitlam Mountain. Most of the mountain is part of Pinecone Burke Provincial Park.[3] Mount Burke is found in Coquitlam near Minnekehada Park.

It is accessed via Coast Meridian Road and Quarry Road.

Very small localized thunderstorm over Burke Mountain


Mount Burke was named for Edmund Burke by Captain George Henry Richards of HMS Plumper while surveying Burrard Inlet in 1859.[4][5][6]:33

The mountain was placed in Pinecone Burke Provincial Park on the park's creation in 1995.[7]

Many people confuse Mount Burke, with the much higher and larger Burke Ridge, which is more commonly known as Burke Mountain, and in the 1920s Burke Ridge was more commonly known as Dollar Mountain, after the Canadian Robert Dollar Company, who logged the lower portions of the mountain.[citation needed]


National Topographic System Maps Canadian Topographic Maps 92G/7, 2002; Edition: 6 Canadian Topographic Maps 92-G/7, 2009; Edition: 07 version: 01 Canadian Topographic Maps 92-G/7, 2010; Edition: 07 version: 02 These maps are free to download in the numerous formats provided from the federal government.


On the southern slope of Burke Mountain, new suburbs are being created and expanded. The area is supposed to house over 30,000 people when it is completed. [8] There are concerns about the traffic these developments may cause. [9]


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