Mount Stanley Baldwin

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Mount Stanley Baldwin
Mt. Stanley Baldwin.JPG
Highest point
Elevation3,256 m (10,682 ft) [1]
Prominence511 m (1,677 ft) [1]
Coordinates52°49′28″N 119°36′21″W / 52.82444°N 119.60583°W / 52.82444; -119.60583Coordinates: 52°49′28″N 119°36′21″W / 52.82444°N 119.60583°W / 52.82444; -119.60583[2]
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Parent rangePremier Range
Topo mapNTS 83D/13

Mount Stanley Baldwin is a mountain located in the Premier Range of the Cariboo Mountains in the east-central interior of British Columbia, Canada. The mountain is located at the head of the Gilmour Glacier. It was originally named Mount Challenger by Allen Carpe during his 1924 ascent of the mountain.[2]

The name honours the British prime minister Stanley Baldwin who made an official visit to British Columbia in 1927, the year in which the Premier Range was dedicated and the mountain was renamed.[2] Although the Range was originally meant to honour both British and Canadian heads of government, Stanley Baldwin is the only British prime minister to be so honoured. Recent restrictions upon naming Canadian geographic features after non-Canadian citizens make it likely that he will be the last.


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