Mowinckel's Second Cabinet

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The members of the cabinet

The Mowinckel's Second Cabinet governed Norway between 15 February 1928 and 12 May 1931. It had the following composition:

Cabinet members[edit]

Portfolio Minister Period[1] Party
Prime Minister Johan Ludwig Mowinckel Liberal
Minister of Foreign Affairs Johan Ludwig Mowinckel Liberal
Minister of Defence Torgeir Anderssen-Rysst Liberal
Minister of Finance Per Berg Lund Liberal
Minister of Trade Lars Oftedal Liberal
Minister of Labour Ole Monsen Mjelde Liberal
Minister of Justice and the Police Haakon Martin Evjenth – 21 November 1930 Liberal
Arne Sunde 21 November 1930 – Liberal
Minister of Social Affairs Torjus Værland Liberal
Minister of Agriculture Hans Jørgensen Aarstad Liberal
Minister of Church and Education Sigvald Hasund Liberal

Secretary to the Council of State[edit]

State Secretary Period[1]
Nicolai Franciscus Leganger – 30 September 1939
Bredo Rolsted 1 October 1930 –



  1. ^ a b Unless otherwise noted, the period was 15 February 1928 - 12 May 1931 Cite error: The named reference "duration" was defined multiple times with different content (see the help page).