Mro language

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Awa Khami
Native toBurma
EthnicityMro people
Native speakers
75,000 (2012)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3cmr

Mro, also Khami (Khimi) or Mro Chin, is a Kuki-Chin language of Burma spoken by the Mro people.

Geographical distribution[edit]

Mro is spoken in the following townships of Myanmar (Ethnologue).


There are 4 main dialects of Mro (Ethnologue).

  • Arang (Ahraing Khami, Areung, Aroeng)
  • Xengna (Hrengna)
  • Xata
  • Vakung (Wakun, Wakung)

Wakun (Vakung) is the most widely spoken and understood dialect (Horney 2009:5). Horney (2009:5) also lists Aryn, Dau, Khuitupui, Likhy, Pamnau, Tuiron, Xautau, and Xienau as dialects of Mro. Horney (2009) describes phonologies of the Wakun and Xautau dialects.


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