2016 Muntinlupa local elections

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2016 Muntinlupa mayoral election
← 2013 May 9, 2016 (2016-05-09) 2019 →
Nominee Jaime Fresnedi Aldrin San Pedro Artemio Simundac
Party Liberal UNA NPC
Running mate Celso Dioko Raul Corro Baby Aguilar

Incumbent Mayor

Jaime Fresnedi

Local elections were held in Muntinlupa City on May 9, 2016 within the Philippine general election. The voters elected for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, the congressman, and the 16 councilors, eight each in the two local legislative districts of Muntinlupa.


Incumbent Jaime Fresnedi is running for a fifth nonconsecutive term as Mayor of Muntinlupa. He was a former City Legal Officer before elected Vice Mayor from 1988 until he was elected Mayor in 1998. He ran for Mayor in 2010, however, he was defeated by then incumbent Aldrin San Pedro. He ran again and won in the 2013 elections. His opponents are former Mayor Aldrin San Pedro and incumbent Vice Mayor Artemio Simundac. San Pedro was a former Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman and City Councilor in 1995 and was elected Vice Mayor in 2004. In 2007, he ran and won as Mayor of Muntinlupa defeating Lor Fresnedi, wife of Mayor Jaime Fresnedi. In 2010, he defeated Fresnedi however lost for his third and final term in 2013. Simundac was a former Barangay Captain of Cupang and ABC President and was elected Vice Mayor in 2007.



Former Customs commissioner and son of incumbent representative of the city, Rodolfo "Ruffy" Biazon, and former Optical Media Board chairman Ronnie Ricketts will face each other in the congressional election.[1]

2016 Philippine House of Representatives election in Muntinlupa City
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Rozzano Rufino "Ruffy" B. Biazon 135,472 66.1%
UNA Ronald "Ronnie" Ricketts 69,508 33.9%
Invalid or blank votes 19,466
Total votes 224,446 100.00%
Liberal hold


Muntinlupa City Mayoralty Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Jaime "Jimmy" Fresnedi 125,456 53.8%
UNA Aldrin San Pedro 68,417 31.8%
NPC Artemio Simundac 20,558 9.5%
Independent Reynaldo Abas 553 0.3%
Independent Oscar Marmeto 318 0.1%
Total votes 215,302 100.00%

Vice Mayor[edit]

Muntinlupa City Vice Mayoralty Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Celso Dioko 102,665 50.4%
UNA Raul Corro 95,519 46.9%
NPC Baby Aguilar-Nava 5,576 2.7%
Total votes 203,760 100.00%


Team Fresnedi

Liberal Party/Team Fresnedi Muntinlupa City-1st District
Name Party
Louie Arciaga Liberal
Patricio Boncayao Jr. Liberal
Allan Camilon Liberal
Danny Carandang Liberal
Bong Cruz Liberal
Bal Niefes Liberal
Phanie Teves Liberal
Ringo Teves Liberal
Liberal Party/Team Fresnedi Muntinlupa City-2nd District
Name Party
Tintin Abas Liberal
Ma. Dhesiree Arevalo Liberal
Lester Baes Liberal
Lucio Constantino Liberal
Grace Gonzaga Liberal
Marissa Rongavilla Liberal
Rafael “Raffy” Sevilla Liberal
Victor “Vic” Ulanday Liberal

Partido San Pedro

United Nationalist Alliance/Partido San Pedro 1st District
Name Party
Rommel Abanto UNA
Ivee Arciaga-Tadefa UNA
Alex Diaz UNA
Ave Marmeto UNA
King Marquez UNA
Allan Paule UNA
Erick Ramirez UNA
Pastor Neil Varias UNA
United Nationalist Alliance/Partido San Pedro 2nd District
Name Party
Don Bunye UNA
Anthony De Leon UNA
Nica Landrito-Escandor UNA
Manuel "Manolet Ripol" Llige UNA
Marlon Medina UNA
Allan Miranda UNA
Raoul Olbes UNA
Anna Soriano UNA

Bagong Muntinlupa

Nationalist People's Coalition/Bagong Muntinlupa 1st District
Name Party
Edwin Arciaga NPC
Alex Borja NPC
Romwell Dumag NPC
Jones Espeleta NPC
Naomi Estrada NPC
Christian Gravador PDP-Laban
James Solchaga NPC
Jean Zarceno NPC
Nationalist People's Coalition/Bagong Muntinlupa 2nd District
Name Party
Kyra Carlos NPC
Tags De Lumban NPC
Elmer Espeleta NPC
Charley Leongson NPC
Mai Redor NPC
Annray Rivera NPC
Neptali Santiago NPC
Rusty Unisa NPC

1st District[edit]

Muntinlupa City Council Elections - 1st District
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Patricio Boncayao Jr. 76,956
Liberal Bal Niefes 75,617
Liberal Stephanie Teves 72,993
Liberal Allan Camilon 68,243
Liberal Ringo Teves 65,201
Liberal Louie Arciaga 63,583
UNA Alex Diaz 56,394
UNA Ivee Arciaga-Tadefa 55,557
Liberal Bong Cruz 52,217
Liberal Danny Carandang 36,790
Independent Johnson San Pedro 35,382
UNA Rommel Abanto 35,060
UNA Allan Paule De Guzman 33,228
UNA King Marquez 30,365
UNA Erick Ramirez 30,215
UNA Ave Marmeto 22,775
UNA Pastor Neil Varias 22,337
NPC Alex Borja 14,276
NPC Edwin Arciaga 12,708
NPC Jones Espeleta 11,671
NPC Naomi Estrada 5,862
NPC James Solchaga 4,882
NPC Jean Zarceno 4,213
NPC Romwell Dumag 3,981
PDP-Laban Christian Gravador 3,703
Independent Ed Molina 3,520
Independent Ma. Arlene Paningasan 2,918
Total votes 900,652 100.00%

2nd District[edit]

Muntinlupa City Council Elections - 2nd District
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Ma. Dhesiree “Dhes” Arevalo 53,724
Liberal Christine “Tintin” Abas 51,281
Liberal Marissa Rongavilla 44,035
Liberal Lester Baes 40,605
Liberal Lucio Constantino 40,093
Liberal Rafael “Raffy” Sevilla 38,095
Liberal Victor “Vic” Ulanday 35,983
Liberal Grace Gonzaga 34,012
NPC Neptali Santiago 32,347
UNA Nica Landrito-Escandor 23,195
NPC Elmer Espeleta 22,205
UNA Allan Miranda 21,368
UNA Manuel “Manolet Ripol” Llige 17,478
UNA Don Bunye 17,451
UNA Raoul Olbes 17,384
UNA Marlon Medina 14,971
UNA Anthony De Leon 14,545
UNA Anna Soriano 13,699
NPC Kyra Carlos 7,443
NPC Annray Rivera 4,776
NPC Mai Redor 4,654
NPC Rusty Unisa 4,516
Independent Amelia Aquino 4,056
NPC Charley Leongson 3,378
NPC Tags De Lumban 3,244
Independent Angelita Policarpio 2,032
Independent Maylin Obog 1,737
Total votes 568,307 100.00%


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