My Senator and Me

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My Senator and Me: A Dog's-Eye View of Washington, D.C.
Mysenatorandme cp 9272475-1-.jpg
Front cover illustration
AuthorTed Kennedy
IllustratorDavid Small
CountryUnited States
GenreChildren's book
PublisherScholastic Press
Publication date
May 2006
Media typeHardback, Paperback
328.73092/9 22
LC ClassJK1025 .K46 2006

My Senator and Me: A Dog's-Eye View of Washington, D.C. is a 2006 children's book by Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy. It follows a Portuguese Water Dog named Splash as he tries to help his master, the senator, go about his daily life and pass an education bill. It also explains how a bill becomes a law, the roles of Congress and the Senate and other details of the U.S. system of government, plus biographies of Splash and Kennedy.

In real life, Splash is the name of Kennedy's dog, and the senator is really Kennedy himself. The money earned from the book will be donated to charities, including Read Boston, an organization that supports literacy in Boston public schools.

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