Mykolaivka, Donetsk Oblast

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Soviet war memorial in Mykolaivka
Soviet war memorial in Mykolaivka
Flag of Mykolaivka
Official seal of Mykolaivka
 • Total15,684

Mykolaivka (Ukrainian: Миколаївка, Russian: Николаевка) is a city of district significance and administrative centre of Mykolaivka City United Territorial Community[1] in Sloviansk Raion, Donetsk Oblast (province) of Ukraine to the south of the railway station Elektrychna[2]. Population: 15,684 (2013 est.)[3].

On 4 July 2014, Ukrainian forces reportedly secured the city from pro-Russian separatists.[4][5][6] The hospital began renovations in 2015, having been damaged in the fighting, with pro-Russian militants positioned around the building and on its roof.[7]. In 2016, the Verkhovna Rada appropriated the status of the city of district significance, withdrew it from the composition of the Sloviansk municipality and included it in the Sloviansk Raion[8].




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Coordinates: 49°05′N 38°08′E / 49.083°N 38.133°E / 49.083; 38.133