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N.N. Club
Full nameNo Name Club
Foundedc. 1863
Dissolvedc. 1870

N.N. Club or N.N. Kilburn—N.N. standing for "No Name"[1] —was an amateur English football club based in the Kilburn district of London.

The club recorded victories over Barnes F. C. in January and April 1863.[2] It was one of the eleven founding sides of the Football Association on 26 October 1863,[3] and was represented by club captain Arthur Pember, who was elected as the FA's first president.[4] It is unclear when the club dissolved; according to newspaper notices, the N.N.s were scheduled to play against Upton Park FC in February 1870,[5] and the club sent a representative to the annual meeting of the Football Association that month, but subsequent published lists of fixtures fail to show any activity from the club.[6]

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