NGC 6120

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NGC 6120
Observation data
ConstellationCorona Borealis
Right ascension 16h 19m 48.1s
Declination+37° 46′ 28″
Helio radial velocity9184±17
Distance (comoving)126 kpc (410 kly)h−1
Apparent size (V)36" x 24"
Other designations
NGC 6120, ISOSS J16197+3746, UGC 10343, LDCE 1184 NED008, KUG 1618+378, HDCE 0946 NED001, I Zw 141, USGC U761 NED07, CGCG 196-041, HOLM 739A, CGCG 1618.0+3754, PGC 057842, CGPG 1618.0+3754, UZC J161948.1+374628, MCG +06-36-029, FIRST J161948.0+374628, 2MASX J16194809+3746282, NVSS J161948+374628, 2MASXi J1619480+374627, [M98j] 251 NED01, IRAS 16180+3753, [SLK2004] 1229, IRAS F16180+3753, ISOSS 078
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NGC 6120 is a spiral galaxy located probably 135 million light years away from Earth. It is visible at coordinates of right ascension 16h 19m 48.1s and the declination of +37° 46′ 28″, in the constellation Corona Borealis.

Further reading[edit]

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Coordinates: Sky map 16h 19m 48.1s, +37° 46′ 28″