NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship

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NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship
PromotionTorture Chamber Pro Wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance
Date establishedOctober 11, 2003
Current champion(s)Pat Guénette
Date wonJuly 09, 2016

The NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling championship that formerly served as the major title in the NWA UK Hammerlock promotion. The title is currently owned by Dru Onyx's Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo, along with the NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship.


Prince Devitt challenging for the championship against Dru Onyx.

Originally conceived as the brainchild of NWA UK Hammerlock promoter Andre Baker and Canadian Wrestling Federation promoter (and former NWA president) Ernie Todd, the title was created to have a non Board-controlled title that can be defended and promoted across continents, and also build positive working relationships between promoters, exchange talent and enhance the NWA product worldwide.

The NWA-affiliated promotions the title is defended in are NWA UK Hammerlock, NWA Ireland, NWA Quebec, Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling and NWA Pro. NWA Pro was included in 2006 due to having affiliate promotions in Australia. In the last thirteen years, the title has been defended or promoted in England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, France and Barbados.

There are two criteria for the selection of champions: they have to be credible wrestlers with presence and have to be in a position to be able to travel and defend the title in both NWA and non-NWA promotions.

The title belt shows the flags of various nations, some currently members of the Commonwealth of Nations and some that are former members. The belt features the flags of the countries of the United Kingdom (displayed prominently on the center plate), Australia, Barbados, Canada, India, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa.

Title history[edit]

# Order in reign history
Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
Event The event in which the title was won
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
+ Indicates the current reign is changing daily
# Wrestler Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes
1 Spyder 1 October 10, 2003 357 Parkersburg, WV NWA 55th Anniversary Show – Day 1 Defeats Fergal Devitt on the first night of the NWA 55th Anniversary Show to become the first champion. The NWA Board does not allow Spyder to defend the championship due to a controversial finish being under review and also due to outcry from NWA UK Hammerlock.
Vacated October 1, 2004 N/A N/A Stripped by the NWA Board due to the above controversy.
2 Dru Onyx 1 October 15, 2004 12 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada NWA 56th Anniversary Show – Day 1 Defeated Will Phoenix for the vacated title.
3 Fergal Devitt 1 October 27, 2004 3 Cardiff, Wales Live Event Fergal Devitt was the first junior heavyweight to win the title.
4 Dru Onyx 2 October 30, 2004 343 Ashford, Kent, England Live Event Defeated Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey in a handicap match, with Onyx' NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship also on the line.
5 Fergal Devitt 2 October 8, 2005 155 Nashville, TN NWA 57th Anniversary Show
6 Karl Anderson 1 March 12, 2006 91 Santa Monica, CA Live Event
7 Alex Koslov 1 June 11, 2006 28 Santa Monica, CA Live Event This was a 3-Way Match, also involving Mikey Nicholls.
8 Justin White 1 July 9, 2006 49 Santa Monica, CA Live Event Dru Onyx trained Justin White, thus giving the championship the distinction of having the first trainer and student to win the title.
9 Paul Tracey 1 August 27, 2006 426 Bray, Wicklow, Ireland Live Event
10 Dru Onyx 3 October 27, 2007 819 St. Albans, VT Live Event
11 Adam Pearce 1 January 23, 2010 50 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada NSPW Steen vs. War Cloud Pearce defeated Onyx using a steel chain.
12 Dru Onyx 4 March 14, 2010 1,024 – 1,330 N/A N/A Awarded back to Onyx after Pearce wins the World Heavyweight Title on March 14, 2010; the January 23, 2010 match is also reviewed due to the use of an illegal object by Pearce and Onyx.
Vacated 2013 N/A N/A
13 Pat Guénette 1 November 3, 2013 692 Laval, Quebec, Canada Torture Chamber A Day To Remember Defeats Jake Matthews for the vacated title.
14 Paul Tracey 2 September 26, 2015 0 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Torture Chamber Straight Outta Chamber Tracey won the match after hitting a facebuster on a Chair. After winning the championship, Tracey issued an open challenge.
15 Stew Korvus 1 September 26, 2015 287 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Torture Chamber Straight Outta Chamber
16 Pat Guénette 2 July 9, 2016 1,167+ Montreal, Quebec, Canada Torture Chamber Harley Davidson Rimouski Pat Guénette defeated Stew Korvus in front of 1500 people at the Centre Premier Arena.

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