Naduvil and Kudianmala

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Naduvil and Kudianmala
Coordinates: 12°07′39″N 75°28′36″E / 12.12745°N 75.47676°E / 12.12745; 75.47676Coordinates: 12°07′39″N 75°28′36″E / 12.12745°N 75.47676°E / 12.12745; 75.47676
Fennel flower
National Folk Festival, Naduvil
Vaithal Valleyis just 6 km from Kudianmala
Light festival at Ayyappa Temple, Naduvil

Naduvil and Kudianmala (also spells Kudiyanmala) are two villages in the Western Ghats in India.It is in Kerala state and in kannur district. Kudianmala is in Taliparamba taluk. Taliparamba-Kudianmala road distance is 34 km. Kudianmala-Taliparamba bus route is a nationalized route.

Paithalmala is a hill station and tourist place near Kudianmala and Naduvil. Paithalmala stands at the border of kerala and karnataka. The Kodagu district of Karnataka is at the eastern side of paithalmala.

It was one of the major centres of Syrian Christian migration (Malabar migration). Migration of mainly Syrian Christian families to Kudianmala started in 1950s and continued till 1970's in a big way.[1] Even before that there were inhabitants here.


The name Kudianmala has a history behind it. The ruler of the Chirakkal Principality had a sister. She was accused of adultery. So, the ruler sent her and a set of servants to a place in Kudianmala with the name Kudiattivalappu, which is near Pottamplavu. After this, every 12 years Vyazhavattam, the ruler, used to send soldiers to kill the sons of the princess if any were born during this period. From this legend, the name Kudianmala was derived.

Malabar Migration which initially started in 1920s and reached a peak in 1950s began changing the demography from 1950s. The Second World War created poverty in Travenocre and this caused the migration. Central Travancore especially Kottayam district was the focus of migration. In 1953 the Holy Mass was said for the first time in the history of this place.

Paithalmala Mountain[edit]

Vaithal Mala the present adventure tourism spot is 6 kilometres from Kudianmala. Some call it "Paithal" which means "small baby".

It is said that the name 'Paithal' has some connection with the 'Paithalkon' dynasty of Malabar.


Naduvil and Kudianmala are two hilly villages on the eastern side of Kannur district. The terrain is undulating in nature and the extreme eastern side has forests bordering Karnataka state.


The national highway passes through Taliparamba town. Mangalore, Goa and Mumbai can be accessed on the northern side and Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram can be accessed on the southern side. Taliparamba has a good bus station and buses are easily available to all parts of Kannur district. The road to the east of Iritty connects to Mysore and Bangalore. But most of the buses to these cities are available only from Kannur, 18 km to the south. The nearest railway stations are Kannapuram and Kannur on Mangalore-Palakkad line. There are airports at Kannur, Mangalore and Calicut. Kannur International Airport is going to be one of the biggest airports in India once the runway length gets increased to 4000m. Currently only 3 airports viz Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore have the runway length of 4000m. Kannur Airport is now the biggest and most advanced airport in Kerala.

Nearby towns are Chemperi, and Alakode.

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