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Nanne Choda (Telugu: నన్నె చోడుడు; 12th CE) was a famous Telugu poet and belongs to a family of Telugu Cholas. He holds the titles Tekanadityudu and Kaviraja Sikhamani.[1] He is regarded as the first composer of Prabandha.[2]


In his works he claims that his mother was from Haihaya's family of Palanadu, chieftons to Velanati Chodas. He dedicated his work to Jangama Mallikarjuna Yogi, a Shaivite saint.


Nanne Choda famous work is Kumara Sambavam in Telugu. This work is believed to be composed in 10th century before Nannaya's Mahabaratha. Others place Nannechoda between the period of Nannaya and Tikkana. Kumara Sambavam is not the translation of Kalidasa's work of the same name. But Nannechodudu has drawn inspiration from Kalidasa's work as well as other stories of the Saivaite literature.[3] He has dedicated his work to Jangama Mallikarjuna, who was his guru.[1]


He was the first writer in Prabhada style and earlier than Srinatha and Ashtadiggajas. He had used mixture of Sanskrit and Telugu words. He was master of Telugu idioms. Some of his poems describing nature are very popular. He had introduced new aspects in Telugu literature. He had written poems that does Sukavi Stuti(praise of good poets), Kukavi Ninda(blame the bad poets) and Ishtadeva Prardhana(praise of favourite god) in his works.

Nanne choda is the first Telugu poet to use Kannada and Tamil words in his poetry.[4]

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