National Collegiate Boxing Association

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National Collegiate Boxing Association
National Collegiate Boxing Association logo.jpg
Legal statusAssociation
HeadquartersColorado Springs, Colorado (under USA Boxing)
Region served
United States of America
Kenneth Cooper
Main organ
Executive Committee

The National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) was founded in 1976 as a non-profit, autonomous organization whose goal is to provide a safe, positive experience for student athletes pursuing the sport of boxing. The association falls under the auspices of USA Boxing. After 1960, the NCAA no longer sanctioned boxing.

NCBA member schools are encouraged to develop their instructional and intramural programs with emphasis on the teaching of fundamental novice boxing skills. In order to be eligible to participate in an NCBA member school, a collegiate boxer must be a full-time student at an accredited institution at which he/she is attending for graduation.

Participating schools[edit]

Participating schools are divided into three sub-associations, by region:

Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association[edit]


Midwest Collegiate Boxing Association[edit]

Far West Collegiate Boxing Association[edit]

Weight Classes[edit]

Weight class limit (lbs/kg)[2]
Men Women
112 lb (50.8 kg)
119 lb (54.0 kg) 119 lb (54.0 kg)
125 lb (56.7 kg) 125 lb (56.7 kg)}
132 lb (59.9 kg) 132 lb (59.9 kg)
139 lb (63.0 kg) 139 lb (63.0 kg)
147 lb (66.7 kg) 147 lb (66.7 kg)
156 lb (70.8 kg) 156 lb (70.8 kg)
165 lb (74.8 kg) 165 lb (74.8 kg)
175 lb (79.4 kg)
185 lb (83.9 kg)
195 lb (88.5 kg)
Heavyweight (195+ lbs)

National Tournament[3][edit]

Contestants for the national tournament are decided by a regional tournament for each NCBA region, with the first- and second-place boxer from each weight class in each region advancing to the national tournament.

At nationals, the team scoring is conducted as follows:

  • Each team automatically receives 1 point.
  • Each boxer who wins a quarterfinal match earns 1 point for their team.
  • Each boxer who wins a semi-final match earns 3 points for their team.
  • Each boxer who wins a final match earns 5 points for their team.

National Team Champions[edit]

Year Men Women Notes
1976[4] University of Nevada
1977[4] West Chester University
1978[4] University of Nevada
1979[4] West Chester University
1980[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1981[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1982[4] West Chester University
1983[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1984[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1985[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1986[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1987[4] U.S. Naval Academy
1988[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1989[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1990[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1991[4] University of Nevada
1992 U.S. Air Force Academy
1993[4] University of Nevada
1994[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1995[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
1996[4] U.S. Naval Academy
1997[4] U.S. Naval Academy
1998[4] U.S. Naval Academy
1999[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
2000[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
2001[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
2002[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
2003[4] U.S. Air Force Academy
2004 U.S. Air Force Academy
2005 U.S. Naval Academy
2006 University of Nevada-Las Vegas
2007 Lock Haven University
2008 U.S. Military Academy
2009 U.S. Military Academy
2010 U.S. Military Academy
2011 U.S. Military Academy
2012 U.S. Air Force Academy
2013 U.S. Military Academy
2014 [5] U.S. Military Academy Washington First year to include women's championship bouts
2015 [6] University of Nevada Washington
2016 [7] U.S. Military Academy Washington
2017 U.S. Military Academy [8] U.S. Military Academy [9] First tournament sweep by a single school
2018 [10] U.S. Military Academy U.S. Military Academy
2019 [11] U.S. Military Academy U.S. Naval Academy
National Men's Championships by School
Air Force 19
Army 10
Navy 5
Nevada 5
West Chester 3
Nevada-Las Vegas
Lock Haven
National Women's Championships by School
Washington 3
Army 2
Navy 1


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