National Democrats (Norway, 1991)

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This article is about the local 1991 party "National Democrats". For the party founded in 2006 see National Democrats.

The National Democrats (Norwegian: Nasjonaldemokratene) was a political party in Norway, which was founded in January 1990.[1] The party was led by Hege Søfteland, who had been excluded from Stop Immigration.[2] The party's main issue was to stop what it called the "mass immigration to Norway."[1] It also wanted to stop foreign aid and replace it with a "disaster fund", and was against Norway joining the European Economic Community.[1]

By August 1991, the party had 460 registered members.[1] The party contested the 1991 local elections in Oslo, where it received 655 votes. It was though never registered publicly as a political party. The party worked with both the Norwegian Association and Folkebevegelsen mot innvandring.


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